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Iron man vs Thor

By lthorne
  • Thor

    Thor is a 2011 American superhero film based on the comic book character of the same name published by Marvel Comics.
  • Iron Man

    Iron Man
    Iron Man is a fictional character, a superhero who appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee
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    Hero's Journey: Thor

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    Hero's Journey: Iron Man

  • Thor Ordinary World

    Thor Ordinary World
    In thor's ordinary world he was a Arrogant and reckless prince that was destined to be king of his home planet Asgard.
  • Iron Man Ordinary World

    Iron Man Ordinary World
    In Iron Mans ordinary world he is know as tony stark, who is a easy going irresponsible billionaire playboy, and defense contractor
  • Thor's Call to Adventure

    Thor's Call to Adventure
    Thor got his call to adventure when he was being crowned as king but was interupted by frost giants trying to get the casket of ancient winters. Against Odin's orders Thor traveled to the home of the frost giants and a battle breaks out until Odin breaks in and saves thor. This battle breaks the truce and for Thor's arrogance odin strips Thor of his godly powers an banishes him to live as a ordinary man on planet earth.
  • Iron man's Call to Adventure

    Iron man's Call to Adventure
    Iron Mans gets his call to adventure when he is kidnapped by a terrorist group named the ten rings, and see's that his weapons from tony stark industries are being used to harm people. Tony then makes a iron suit to escape capture and to protect the innocent from harm.
  • Thor's Trials & Training

    Thor's Trials & Training
    Thor's trials and training happens when he gets his powers and hammer taken from him and exiled to earth. The hammer was only to be lifted by someone worthy and thor must figure out how to care for others and learn to have humility.
  • Iron Man's Trials & Training

    Iron Man's Trials & Training
    Iron Man Trials and training are self givin, he must improve the suit that he has created and train himself to be able to protect the innocent.
  • Iron Man's Supreme Ordeal

    Iron Man's Supreme Ordeal
    Iron Man's supreme ordeal happens when he finds out his father's friend obadiah has been supplying the terrorist group ten rings with stark weapons, obadiah paraylizes tony to steal his arc reacter that is in his cheast. Now Tony must use his weaker arc reacter and deafeat obadiah and his new battle suit the iron monger.
  • Thor's Supreme Ordeal

    Thor's Supreme Ordeal
    Thor's supreme ordeal is when sif and the warriors three attempt to return thor from exile even tho the new king loki has forbidden it. Loki discovering there plans he sends the destroyer a seemingly indestructible automaton to destroy thor. The Destroyer has defeated Thor's friends and now Thor must rise up to the Destroyer with no powers. For showing self- sacrifice Thor has been givin his powers back to defeat the destroyer.