• Britian occupies Iraq

    Britian occupies Iraq again during WWII
  • Iraq president dies

    Arif Iraqs president dies in a helicoter crash
  • Iraq nationalises a petrollem company

    Iraq nationalises the potrllem company IPC
  • Saddam Hussein become president

    Saddam Hussein over throws Al-Bakr as president
  • Iran-Iraq war

    Iraq Goes to war with Iran
  • Israel Attack Iraqi Necular Facility

    Israelites Attack An Iraqi Necular Research Center Near Baghdad
  • Iraqis Attack Kurdish

    Iraq Attacks Kurdish Town of Halabja With Poison Gas
  • Iraq subjected to weapons inspection

    Iraq subjected to weapons inspection programme
  • US forces launce a cruise missle attack

    US launches a cruise missle on Iraq intelligence
  • No fly zone created

    no fly zone created for Iraqi planes in northern Iraq
  • Saddam Hussein Wins Referendum

    Saddam Hussein wins referendumand is allowed president for seven more
  • After UN evacuates from Baghad UK bombs it

    as part of operation Desert Fox UN evacuates following with a bombing from the UK
  • Saddam Hussein Captured in Tikrit

  • Suicide Bombers Kill 140 people in baghad and karbala

  • Bombing in Baghad kills 130 people worst bombing scince 2003