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Inventing America

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    Growth of Industry

  • Flour

    The center of the flour milling industry shifted westward in the 1800's moving from the east coast to Ohio to Minneapolis and finally Kansas City. Flour helped make bread taste better and be safer to eat.
  • Buffalo Endangerment

    Buffalo Endangerment
    In 1870 railroads caused buffalo to become endangered. By doing this, the Sioux had a hard time living. They were forced into a reservation. The buffalo were so endangered that the government had to put a law saying that they were protected. The wild creatures today are thriving in life.
  • Telephone

    Alaxander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876. He was testing the acid and it spilt on him and out of a scream of pain his co worker heard him through the other line. The telephone was a huge invention on the way we communicate. We could talk to people faster and more efficiently. Those who sent mail before would have to wait long weeks or even months before they heard back. The telephone gave us quick conversations and answers to emergencies.
  • Manufacturing Equipment

    Manufacturing Equipment
    As farmers settled in the Great Plains the manufacturing equipment moved from central New York state to Illinois and Wisconsin. This helped make businesses bigger and faster in production. All around the United States business became more popular and useful. More and more useful items were created and sold.
  • Lightbulb

    Thomas Alva Edison invented the lightbulb in 1879. This invention helped change the way people lived, traveled and worked. It let you see in the dark. This made roads and houses safer at night. The light bulb gave new ideas to invent the flashlight, and other portable lights.
  • Coca-Cola

    Coca-Cola was invented by John Pemberton in 1886. This made different experiances in our taste of beverages. The invention of Coca-Cola helped bring new ideas about what new bevereages should be created and sold. This helped make sodas and soft drinks become more popular around the world.
  • The Great Silver Movement

    The Great Silver Movement
    The Great Silver Movement gained its support from farmers . These farmers wanted to invigorate the economy and cause inflation, allowing them to repay their debt with cheaper dollars and mining interests. Silver was a big factor in the 1890's and further on because it helped the farmers out of debt. Some coins were also made out of silver.
  • Lie Detector

    Lie Detector
    James Mackenzie invented the lie detecor in 1902. This helped police arrest more criminals. This got the truth out of most people. Not all police and investigative teams had a lie detector. Only the finest and most exspensive teams had one.
  • Tractor

    Benjamin Holt invented the tractor in 1904. This changed the way farmers planted their crops. It made the process of farming faster and easier. Tractors were a very helpful tool to farmers. The average cost of a tractor in 1904 was about $20.