Into The Wild Timeline

  • Christopher McCandless is born

    Christopher is born in El Segundo, California.
  • Christopher graduates from High School

    Christopher graduated from Wilbert Tucker Woodson High School in Virginia. That summer he traveled through out the country. He returned home only two days before his college school year started.
  • Christopher graduates from College

    Christopher graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Shortly after he graduated he donated $25,000 from his savings to OXFAM, an organazation that was dedicated to fighting hunger
  • Christopher abandons his car

    Christophers car had been destroyed by a violet flash flood, so he took this mishap as an opportunity to rid himself of all unnecessary belongings. He buried his deer-hunting rifle, stripped his car of its Virginia plates, then burned all one hundred twenty-three dollars in his wallet.
  • Christopher McCandless changes his name to Alexander Supertramp

    Alexander wanted to start an entirerly new life for himself.
  • Christopher canoes all over

    Christopher canoes on the Colorado River,and many other bodys of water. In January he abandons the canoe due to weather conditions. Christopher had not spoken to or seen another human in thirty-six days.
  • Christopher lives in Las Vegas

    When he entered Las Vegas he had no money or ID. There he worked at an Italian restaurant
  • Chris lives on the Oregon Coast

    Since Christopher stopped keeping a journal when he left Las Vegas, so not much is known.
  • Christopher lives in Bullhead City, Arizona

    In Bullhead he worked at a Mcdonalds. This is possibly the longest he has ever stayed in one place
  • Christopher walks into the bush

    Christopher would walk to the “magic” bus where he stayed. This bus had been abandonded it belonged to the city of Fairbanks, Alaska. The bus is still there many people visit the bus in honor of Christopher.
  • Christopher attempts to leave the bush

    He would have had to cross the Teklanika River to get to town. Christopher could not leave the wild because the Teklanika River had swelled almost five times its original size and had become violent and uncrossable. So he went back to the bus.
  • Christopher McCandless dies

    Christopher parished for a number of reasons. He died because of starvation. He also died because of a fungus that was growing on a plant that he was eating at the time. His body was recovered ninteen days after he died. Christopher was only twenty four when he died. Christopher spent about one hundred thirteen days in the wild. His death date was somewhere between July 30 1992 and August 19 1992.
  • Christopher McCandless' body was found

    Christopher died in Fairbanks, Alaska. His corpse only weighed seventy-seven pounds.