Industrial Giants


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  • Quotes

    “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” “We often miss opportunity because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work” -Thomas Edison
  • House Building

    Thomas Edison philanthropically built low-cost concrete houses during the housing crisis.
  • Robber Baron or Captain of Industry?

    He was a captain of industry. He did not keep a large fortune like J.P. Morgan; he only took out competing electrical businesses and acted ruthlessly toward Tesla.
  • Thomas Edison Was Born

    He was home to Milan, Ohio, son of Nancy Matthews Elliot and Samuel Ogden Edison Jr.
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    Early Career

    He started fully pursuing inventions in 1867 and then got an office in 1869. This is when he worked on a printing telegraph and the stock ticker that rose him to fame.
  • The Phonograph

    Thomas Edison built a device that uses a dial to turn the grooves of a vinyl disc to transmit sound and amplify it through a brass horn.
  • Later Career

    He moved into a new and more improved laboratory in West Orange, New Jersey, this was much more permanent and is where he spent more or less the rest of his career.
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    Motion Pictures

    Edison worked on motion picture capturing from the start of them in 1888 to his death in 1931. His advancements were highly influential and directly impacted much of the technology for early films, especially within the 1920s boom of theaters.
  • Exposition Universelle

    Paris held a world fair that exhibited Edison's inventions to the world.
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    1893 Exposition

    Where the 'war of the currents' declaratively started. Nikola Tesla showcased Alternating Current, a competitor to Edison's Direct Current,
  • Topsy The Elephant Is Killed Due To "Bad Behavior"

    The elephant attributed to dying from the war of currents is killed via cyanide, strangulation, and electricity. The misinformed public explicitly attributes the deed to Thomas Edison due to his videotaping technology recording it; otherwise, no actual correlation exists.
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    Thomas Edison gave patents to Marconi free of charge for what would be the radio and helped develop inventions to reduce the U-boat "scourge."
  • Thomas Edison Dies

    He died in West Orange New Jersey at the age of 84, leaving a $12 million dollar estate.
  • General Electric Company Peaks In The Stock Market

    Innovations in domestic consumer electronics let the price soar from $75 to $400+ in less than 5 years.