Indian in the Cupboard

  • Step 1

    Omri had a birhtday party!
  • Step 2

    He recieved a skate board and helmet from his parents. something that he really wanted.
  • Step 3

    His friends had gave him a plastic indian toy, omri knew it was a hand me down toy from his friend and he really didn't want it.
  • Step 4

    From his brother he was given an antique cupboard. The door was locked and did not come with a key, his mother went through her old keys and found an old antique key that used to be his grandmothers, and it fit the lock and opened the doors.
  • Step 5

    He brought all his presents into his room and ended up putting the toy indian into the cupboard and used the key to lock it. then Omri went to sleep.
  • Step 6

    When Omri awoke and unlocked the cupboard to take the indian out, he was completely shocked to see that the indian was alive.!!
  • Step 7

    Omri tries to touch the indian and the indian fights back and ends up stabbing Omri's finger. Omri closes the cupboard and decides that he is not going to tell anyone what has happened.