In re Lauren Z.

  • Period: to

    In re Lauren Z.

  • Lauren's Birth

  • Lauren Detained; Petition filed by DCFS

  • Margaret Extradited to Florida; Fanny declines adoption (1st)

  • New Social Worker Assigned to Case

  • Fanny declines adoption (2nd)

  • Request for expedited Florida home study denied

  • Social Worker on Medical leave- New CSW on case

  • Fanny agrees to adopt (1st time)

  • Fanny's home study APPROVED

  • Dept Hearing- DCFS recommends against placement based on Margarets drug/criminal history; DCFS notes Margarets placement preference,

  • Margaret sentenced to 3 years; Reunif services terminated

  • Fanny becomes licensed caregiver

  • Fanny states willingness to adopt in letter to court (2nd time)

  • 366.26 Hearing- Parental rights terminated; Foster parents favored for adoption

  • Appeal filed

  • Orders affirmed