important things in film

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In Film
  • Birth of a nation

    it came out in 1915 and was the first blockbuster hit, it was the longest and most profitable film then produced, the film provides a highly subjective history of the civil war, reconstruction, and the rise of the kkk
  • Theatres

    Movie theaters are showing more feature length by now, most theaters are owned by production studios
  • Talkie

    The first talkie was released, previous films have been released with sounds on discs, but the jazz singer was the first to have dialogue synchronized during a film
  • Drive in theaters

    The first drive in movie theater opens in new jersey people could watch movies in the comfort of their own car
  • Antitrust

    Antitrust laws force hollywood studios to de-couple from the movie theaters that means that all films can be shown in any theater
  • Sound

    First movie theaters debuts stereophonic sound alongside a giant screen.
  • King kong

    king kong vs godzilla was the first godzilla film shot in color and in wide screen.
  • MGM

    the once powerful mgm studios abandoned most its movie making business because of a string of failures due to ownerships changes and bad production choices by head kirk kerkorian
  • Jim Clark

    jim clark founded silicon graphics, a cutting edge company that contributed to the growth of computer imaging and animation in films
  • Toy Story

    pixar and disney agreed to co-produce the first fully computer generated feature film, toy story released 4 years later
  • Harry Potter

    Up to this date the harry potter films became the highest grossing series of all time
  • Bridemaids

    bridemaids became the highest grossing r rated film female comedy of all time pushing out sex and the city