Important Dates in Woman's Rights History

  • 1848-Women's Right Convention

    Elizabeth Cady Stanton drafted The Declaration of Sentiments, which called for women's equality and suffrage.
  • Henry David Thoreau publishes Walden

  • 1866- Association formed

    Association was formed to gain gender and racial equality
  • The term ecology is coined in German as Oekologie by Ernst Heinrich Philipp August Haeckel

  • The term acid rain is coined by Robert Angus Smith in the book Air and Rain

  • The term smog is coined by Henry Antoine Des Voeux in a London meeting to express concern over air pollution

  • US Congress created the National Park Service

  • Woman enter workforce

    Women entered workforce during WW2 to substitute lack of men
  • 1957- Woman are given the right to vote

    Law passed that allowed woman to vote in elections
  • Rachel Carson publishes Silent Spring

  • Equal Pay

    Equal pay Act is passed by the congress
  • Ends sex discrimination

    Cicil rights outlaws sex discrimination
  • Philadelphia committee led by Benjamin Franklin attempts to regulate waste disposal and water pollution.

  • The Apollo 8 picture of Earthrise

  • First Earth Day – April 22. Millions of people gather in the United States for the first Earth Day. US Environmental Protection Agency established

  • Prohibit Sex discrimination in schools

    Prohibits sex discrimination in schools
  • 1973- Abortion made legal

    Abortions were made legal for woman without the need for permission from parents or spouse
  • First woman in supreme court

    First woman seated in supreme court
  • Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer entered into force

  • No work Harassment

    Sexual harassment in workplaces becomes illegal
  • The Kyoto Protocol was negotiated in Kyoto, Japan in December. Countries commit to reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide

  • U.S. rejects the Kyoto Protocol

  • U.S. announces it will cease participation in the Paris Agreement on climate change mitigation

  • U.S. announces it will rejoin the Paris Agreement on climate change mitigation