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Immigration to US GCU 113

  • Immigration Act of 1924

    Immigration Act of 1924
    The immigration Act of 1924 limited the number of people who could enter into the Us legally.
  • US Border Patrol Established

    US Border Patrol Established
    When the border patrol was established it also established the stigma that the US does not want just anyone immigrating into our country. The US wanted to keep unwanted immigrants out of the country whether it be for protection of popultaion control.
  • Executive Order 9066

    Executive Order 9066
    US president Franklin D. Roosevelt signed executive order 9066 which sent 100,000 plus Japanese Americans (and others) to internment camps. This event allowsed the government to basically impound thousands of people all based on their race and with no legitament evidence that any of them were a threat to national security.
  • Bracero Program Begins Temporary Laborers to Work in US Farms and Railroads in a 22-Year Period

    Bracero Program Begins Temporary Laborers to Work in US Farms and Railroads in a 22-Year Period
    This program brought 5,000,000 Mexican temporary laborers to work in US farms and railroads for a 22-year period. This contributed to the stereo type that all mexican immigrants are only good for cheap labor and that they are free to be taken advantage of for their skills.
  • Operation Wetback

    Operation Wetback
    This event was when the US attorney general tried to combat the problem of illegal border crossing in to the United States by Mexicans in the Bracero Program. The operation was discontinued when evidence of abuse and corruption was leaked of the border patrol and their misdeeds towards the Mexican immigrants.
  • Bracero Program Ends

    Bracero Program Ends
    Even though this laborer program has ended undocumented laborers continued to arrive from Mexico looking for work.
  • Ellis Island Closes

    Ellis Island Closes
    This event happened mainly because the US government was trying to keep out many Eastern Europeans incluiding the Italians, Jews, Slavs, and Romas. This is just another event where the US limits immigration of certian races to this country.
  • Refugee Act of 1980

    Refugee Act of 1980
    This Act allowed persecuted individuals look for asylum within the US. This Act was mainly directed towards Cubans under communist rule at the time.
  • 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

    9/11 Terrorist Attacks
    After this terriost attack which was commited by Islamic radicals, lots of stigma twas created towards Middle Easterns and anyone who resembled a "terrorist" of this event.
  • "Minuteman Project"

    "Minuteman Project"
    Tired of the Federal governments' inability to control the borders this program was created by civilians to patrol and protect the US-Mexico border.
  • Secure Fence Act

    Secure Fence Act
    Authorizes fencing along the US-Mexican border, this makes many Arizonans give illegal immigrants a negative stigma since so much is being done to keep them out of the US.
  • Controversial Arizona Bill (SB 1070)

    Controversial Arizona Bill (SB 1070)
    When this bill was signed into law, it expanded the state's authority to combat illegal immigration, this bill allowed police officers to pull over mexican US citizens with out cause to check their citizenship status. Many people found this bill to be racist since it made being Mexican a reason to be pulled over.
  • Inflow of Unauthorized Immigrants in 2007-2009

    Inflow of Unauthorized Immigrants in 2007-2009
    The inflow of immigrants from 2007-2009 has decreased by two-thirds from 2000-2005. This shows that many of the immigrants we do not want are being kept out.
  • US Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Law

    US Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Law
    This law penalizing businesses that hire undocumented immigrants and prevents the immigrants beinf taken advantage of and also punishes the businesses that give illegal immigrants a reason (work )to come to the US.
  • President Obama Allows Undocumented Immigrants

    President Obama Allows Undocumented Immigrants
    Obama enacted this measure to help over 800,000 illegal immigrants. With this measure the Department of Homeland Sercurity will not be able to deport immigrants who have
    -lived in the US before the age of 16
    -lived in the US for 5 plus years
    -graduated highschool
    -clean criminal record
    -military veterans