Immigration Timeline

  • The 1798 Alien Enemies Act

    Any male 14+ year olds, if caught, were to be imprisoned and/or deported, or even given a cerain time window to leave the country.
  • 1864 Immigration Act

    This law encouraged immigration, even though there are so many rules and restrictions to follow and pass.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    After the US brought chinese laborers over to work on the railroad, they passed a law saying that no more chinese were allowed into the US.
  • 1945 War Brides Act

    Also known as the 1950 Family Act, allowed the immigration of the alien's spouses, and children. It described the process and limitations of admitting the spouses and children.
  • 2000 Bring Them Home Alive Act

    This Act allowed people from Vietnam to be admitted into the U.S. if they helped the return of american soldiers.