Ukrainian immigrant

Immigration throughout the years.

  • Immigrants

    In 1900 41,681 immigrants were admitted into Canada.
    I picked this because I thought it was amazing how so many immigrants were let in at once.
  • Chinese head tax.

    Chinese head tax.
    Chinese head tax increased from $50 to $500. I picked this because I think its wrong how they had to pay to get into Canada.
  • Border Inspection

    Border Inspection
    A border inspection service was created on the U.S/Canadian border. I picked this because you shouldn’t have too inspect immigrants that are coming into North America.
  • The Komagatu Maru.

    The Komagatu Maru.
    The Komagatu Maru arrived in Vancouver, sailing from China with 376 Indians aboard who where refused admittance. After 2 months in the harbour, following an un successful appeal to the B.C supreme court. Komagatu Maru left the harbour in Vancouver, came back and then only 1 Indian was let into Vancouver. I choose this event because I don't like how only 1 Indian was let in out of 376. Also I hate how the Indians travelled from such a far distance twice and not be aloud into Canada.
  • World war 1.

    World war 1.
    During world war 1 very few immigrants were let in, because the Canadians were scared of letting in somebody dangerous. I picked this because everyone is affected by the war and you should let in anybody who needs to come in.
  • Jew Immigrants

    Jew Immigrants
    130,000 Jews immigrated into Canada many of them fleeing pogroms in Czarist Russia and Eastern Europe.
  • Chinese Immigration Act

    Chinese Immigration Act
    Chinese Immigrants who didn't have diplomats, students, children of Canadians or a inventor class weren't let into Canada, so on July 1st it became known to Chinese Canadian’s as "humiliation day''.
  • Enemy aliens.

    Enemy aliens.
    In 1940 2,500 males "potentially dangerous enemy aliens" where housed in a high security camps.
  • Lowest Immigration Numbers.

    Lowest Immigration Numbers.
    In 1942 immigrants reached it's lowest ever at 7,576.
  • Chinese Passengers.

    Chinese Passengers.
    On July 1999 a boat with 123 Chinese passengers came to Canada in 4 boats.