Immigration Laws

  • Naturalization act of 1790

    Citizenship has been granted to whites
  • Foreign miners' tax

    $3 dollars a month on miners, limiting chinese in california
  • California supreme court

    People v. hall Court case happened, decied that the testimony against whites had been invalid, then repealed 20 years later
  • San fransisco exclusion act

    San Fransisco public schools exlude the chinese
  • First immigration law

    Encoursged immigration, but barred criminals and prostitutes
  • Period: to

    California Civil code

    Prohibiting Inter-racial Marriage
  • Period: to

    Chinese Exclusion act

    The United states exculded the chinese from america
  • Spanish-American war

    Filipinos now dont need visas to go to america
  • Persionado Act

    Allowed Filipinos to study in America
  • San Fransisco Public School act

    San Fransisco public Schools are demanding segregation of asian students in their schools
  • Immigration act of 1907

    Expanded restrictions of criminals, aimed at Koreans and the Japanese
  • Gentlemans Agreement

    Restrictions on emigration and soon increasing state and National regulations
  • California Alien act

    Excluded "Aliens" from Owning land
  • Immigration act of 1917

    The Barred zone act- Banned immigration from Asia and asian countries
  • Immigration act of 1921

    added a Quota System, annual limit the # of immigrants of specific countries; 3% of countries' immigrants can come to america
  • Immigration act of 1924

    Quota System changed to 2%, Restoring ethinicty of europeans in america
  • Period: to

    Excutive order 9066

    Relocated 110,000 Japanese citizens into Internment Camps
  • Bill of 1946

    Philippines and india can move immigrants to america/ 100 people per year per countries
  • Displaced persons act

    People from the Chinese civil war can stay in america
  • McCarron-Water act

    Removed racial criteria of naturalization.
    Did not approve of communist
  • Nationality act of 1965

    Familiy Re-unification, Guiding principle of immigrants
  • Immigrant cap

    A cap of 12,000 is placed on immigrants coming to america; Asian immigrant grants improved significantly
  • Filipino War Veterans

    Filipino world war 2 veterans are denied U.S. Citizenship
  • Civil Liberties act

    Apologized to the Japanese for Internment camps in 1942
  • Immigration act of 1990

    Immigration Cap is at 700,000. 25,000 for each country
  • USA Patriot act 2001

    USA Patriot Act 2001: Uniting and Strengthening America by providing appropriate tools required to intercept and obstruct terrorism
  • Creation of the USCIS 2003

    The US immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) becomes part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The department’s new U.S. Citizenship and US immigration Services (USCIS) function is to handle US immigration services and benefits, including citizenship, applications for permanent residence, non-immigra