Immigration Issues

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  • Coolies

    Feb. 1862 - President Lincoln Acts to Prohibit the "Coolie Trade"
    legislation simply outlawed any shipment of Chinese subjects 'known as 'coolies' abroad 'to be held to service or labor
  • Immigration Control

    July 4, 1864 - First Congressional Attempt to Centralize Immigration Control; A Commissioner of Immigration Is Appointed by the US President
  • Exclusion

    1882 - Immigration Exclusion Act Prohibits Immigration of Criminals, Poor, and Mentally Ill
  • Statue of Freedom

    1886 - Statue of Liberty Unveiled; "The Huddled Masses Yearning To Be Free" Invited to Immigrate
  • Annexation

    1900 - Organic Act of 1900 Grants US Citizenship to Every Person Born in Hawaii Before Its 1898 Annexation, Including People of Japanese and Chinese Ancestry
  • Marry Me

    Mar. 2, 1907 - Expatriation Act Revokes Citizenship of American Women Who Marry Foreigners
  • War pushes North

    1910 - Mexican Revolution Drives Thousands of Mexicans across the US-Mexican Border
  • Command and Control

    1913 - Bureaus of Immigration and Naturalization Created and Moved to the Department of Labor
  • Mounted Inspectors

    1915-1916 - US Congress Authorizes "Mounted Inspectors" Along the US-Mexico Border
  • Border Patrol

    May 28, 1924 - US Border Patrol Established with Labor Appropriation Act of 1924
  • Numbers do not Lie

    June 1927 - US Labor Secretary Estimates That over 1,000,000 Mexicans Are in United States Illegally
  • Rash Decision

    Feb. 19, 1942 - US President Franklin D. Roosevelt Signs Executive Order 9066 Sending Tens of Thousands of Japanese Americans (Among Others) to Internment Camps
  • Can not Stop Love

    1945 - War Brides and Fiancées Acts Allow an Estimated 1,000,000 American Soldiers to Bring Their Foreign Spouses to America
  • End of an Era

    Nov. 1954 - Ellis Island Closes
  • Out with the Old in with the New

    1980 - Cuba Allows 125,000 Cubans to Illegally Depart for the United States
  • Grants Legal Status

    1986 - Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) Grants Legal Status to Qualifying Immigrants Who Entered the US Illegally before Jan. 1, 1982
  • This is my Land

    Oct. 26, 2006 - Secure Fence Act Authorizes Fencing along the US-Mexican Border
  • Look before you leap

    Apr. 23, 2010 - Controversial Arizona Bill (SB 1070) Signed into Law, Expanding the State's Authority to Combat Illegal Immigration
  • Shot Down

    June 25, 2012 - US Supreme Court Upholds Centerpiece of 2010 Arizona Immigration Law, Rejects Other Provisions