Immigration Diego Rovioli Timeline

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    Immingration Timespan

  • Diego Ravioli is Born

    Diego Ravioli is born in his home country Italy with his twin brother Prego Ravioli.
  • Diego Ravioli Arrives in New York

    It was 1873, when I arrived he in America it is cold but I am just glad to be away from my home country but I miss my brother. America is great but there is to many people here so I will see what will happen next.
  • Gets first job Mining in America

    After searching for a job for a year, Diego finaly finds a loyal, and strong job. He is payed ok but he still hopes to meet a girl in this great country.
  • Marrys Dora Spaghetti

    Deigo meets a girl, Dora, at a Italin pub bar in the getto part of New York and he feels a connection. A month later they got married to start a new loving, and joyful wife.
  • Starts Gambling away Family Money

    After Diego has been working on mines for the past couple of year so he starts gambling awaymoney that he needs for food, shelter, and water. But he still hasnt payed his booky and there might be a major consiquence.
  • Wife is Murdered by Bookie

    After Diego didnt pay off his booky his booking and his mob murdered his wife Dora. Showing Diego that america isnt all fun and games, and that there could be bigger issues than he can imagine.
  • Moves West to restart his Life

    Diego starts to think that there is nothing really here in New York for him so he decides to start to move west. So he can have a fresh start and forget about the passed.
  • Gets to Oklahoma

    After months of preparing and traveling Diego finally reaches Oklahoma. He also learned lots of thing on the journy and even met his new fiance to begin his new life is the west with.
  • Marrys Oprah Ragu

    After finally making it to the west and his tragic murder of his old wife Dora. Diego feels that Dora would have wanted him to find someone and finds someone new. After a few months on the trail to Oklahoma Diego runs into Orprah Ragu, and felt the same conncetion he did with Dora. Once they reached Oklahoma, Oraph married Diego.
  • Receives 3 pounds of gold from Ding Mabuku

    After Diego met his pal Ding, while working as a miner Ding always told Diego that he would repay him some how after Diego saved him from being barried in rubble while mining. Ding sent Diego 3 pounds of gold two days before he passed away.
  • Dies of a Heart Attack

    After many years living in Oklahoma, Diego Ravioli at age of exactly 66, passes away of a heart attack the same day his wife Oprah Ragu passed away of old age. The doctor said he must have gave up hope