Immigration Acts

Timeline created by booby
  • naturalization act

    free white people gained citizenship under this act
  • foriegn miners tax

    americans charged asians $3 a month extra for mining
  • people vs hall

    whites declared all other races' arguements were inferior to them.
  • american immigration

    supported immigration
  • chinese banment act

    banned chinese students from stuying in public schools
  • CCC

    prohibits interrational marriage
  • chiese exclution acts

    asians could not enter america
  • end of the spanish war

    america obtained the philipenes
  • extention of the exclusion acts

    the original exclusion acts was about 5 years or so
  • sf acts

    banned asians(except japanese) from public schools with americans in san fransisco
  • penisianado acts

    allowed philpinos to study in american schools
  • immigration act of1907

    attempted to keep out japanese and korean immigrants
  • gentlemens agreement

    attempted to relieve tention between the U.S. government and the Japanese government
  • alien exclusion acts

    excluded aliens
  • immigration acts of 1917

    banned immigration from large areas
  • immigration act of 1921

    introduction to a quota system, tracking the demographics of immigrants
  • immigration act of 1924

    enforced the quota system in 1921
  • order 9066

    moved asians into camps
  • immigration act

    repelled the exclusion acts
  • repeal of order 9066

    all camps shut down
  • bill of 1946

    allowed immigration from filippenos and native americans
  • displaced persons act

    allowed 3500 chineee who were caught in states to stay there
  • mcCarren walter act

    removed all racial criteria for naturalization
  • nationality act of 1965

    abolished the national origins act of 1924
  • immigrants placement

    cap of 12000 was placed on immigrants from western hemisphere
  • wwII filipino vetrans

    denied citizenship to filipino vets
  • immigration reform and control act

    raised the ceiling on immigration from hong kong, 600 to 5000
  • civil libeties act

    apollogized to the thousands of japanese americans who were detained in camps
  • immigration act of 1990

    capped immigration at 700,000. each nation allowed 25,000 immigrants