• Chinese Exclusion Act was passed

    Chinese Exclusion Act was passed by Congress and signed by President Chester A. Arthur.
  • Exclusion act

    The 1882 exclusion act also placed new requirements on Chinese who had already entered the country. If they left the United States, they had to obtain certifications to re-enter
  • Exclusion act expired

    Exclusion act expired in 1892, Congress extended it for 10 years in the form of the Geary Act.
  • extension made permanent

    The extension was made permanent in 1902, they added restrictions by requiring each Chinese resident to register and have a certificate of residence. Without a certificate, they faced deportation.
  • Period: to

    Great Migration

    More than 5 million southern african americans moved to the north.
  • immigration

    people started to immgrate
  • Geary Act

    Geary Act regulated Chinese immigration until the 1920., with mny immgrants coming in after the war, Congress had to adopt new means for regulation: quotas and requirements pertaining to national origin.
  • Period: to


    Between 1920 and 1960 over 3,348,000 african americans moved for the south to the north or to a western city
  • Exclusion Act

    Congress repealed all the exclusion acts, leaving a limit of 105 Chinese people. making them seek the right naturalization.
  • Period: to

    Immigration Act

    The Immigration Act of 1990 provided the most comprehensive change in legal immigration since 1965. T