• Emancipation Proclamation

    The emancipation Proclamation was given by Abraham Licoln which freed the slaves. This effected the blacks because it was the beginning of the migration. It allowed all of the slaves to move north.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    A law restricting chinese immigrants into the United States. This effected chinese immigrants because the non laborers had to get certification from the chinese government that they were able to immigrant. This was hard to do because the act excluded skilled and unskillled workers.
  • Immigration Restriction League

    This was an organizations that sought to impose a literacy test on all immigrants. Congress passed it, but president Cleveland vetoed it. This effected the immigrants because the Americans were discriminating aganist them, even though with out the immigrants the rapid industriliztion would have been impossible.
  • Period: to

    Blacks in the industry

    During this time span the number of blacks employed in industry nearly doubled from 500,000 to 910,000. This was not only good for the blacks but also for the industry. Many advances took place during this time in the industry.
  • Period: to


    During this time 5 million black migrated to the north and west. This was important for the blacks because they were able to escape the oppressive econmic conditions and find prosperity in the North.
  • White Rioters Rampage

    This was the most brutal war time racial incident. White rioters left 39 blacks dead. This effected the African Americans because they asked them selves why are they fighting for freedom for Europe when they cannot even enjoy it at home.
  • The right to vote

    Once women and adult men were both allowed to vote, alot of the blacks started to migrate. This was one of the causes of migration. Things were better in the North and the blacks started to realize that.