• Alien and Sedition Act

    The Naturalization Act of 1978 allowed the president to deport foriegners with certain regulations and also raised the law and restrictions of becoming a citizen.
  • Slave Importation Banned

    Slave Importation Banned
    Slave importation was officially banned, but was not looked over properly. 50,000 African American slaves became the firt known illigal immigrants in the United States.
  • Irish Immigrants

    Irish Immigrants
    A huge rush of Irish Immigrants appeared in the Untied States after the potato famine.
  • Period: to

    California Gold Rush

    Many people immigrated from around the world to discover the gold that was being found in California.
  • Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo

    The U.S gains Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, California, and Parts of Utah and Nevada from Mexico. The U.S gain 80,000 new citizen from Mexico.
  • First attempt to Centralize Immigration Control

    U.S. appointed a commisioner of immigration to serve under secretary of state.
  • Chinese Exlution Act

    Chinese immigrants were rising due to the gold rush. An era was created after that excluded chinese from immigrateing to the U.S. Also law and numerical values were becoming stricter.
  • Ellis Island Opens

    Ellis Island Opens
    Twelve million immigrants entered the United States in Ellis Island in New York.
  • 14th Ammendment

    The 14th Ammendment gives all people born in the U.S citizenship.
  • Angel Island

    Disigned to proccess chinese immigrants whose enty was restriccted by the Chinese Exclution Law of 1882
  • Ellis Island Closes

    President Lyndon Johnson declared the Ellis Island closed and now part of the Statue of Liberty Monument.
  • Prop 187

    The proposition denied health care, education and welfare benefits to illegal immigrants but was later declared unconstitution.
  • English Emmersion in Schools

    English Emmersion in Schools
    Voters indorsed a bill banning bilingual education in schools
  • Minuteman Project

    Minuteman Project
    Volunteers from all over helped in Coshie County to search for undocumented immigrants.
  • Police Officer Killed

    Police Officer Killed
    Nick Erfle, a Pheonix Police officer was shot by a illigal immigrant and killed.
  • SB 1070

    SB 1070
    The revised version of SB 1070 was approved and sent to Jan Brewer. Protest continued for days.