• Australopithicus Afarensis (southern ape)

    Australopithicus Afarensis (southern ape)
    3-4 million years ago they live in what is now called Africa.

    They were 3ft. tall and looked like a mix of ape and human. Their arms were longer, they had larger heads, and their jaw stuck out. No tools have been found. They were able to carry things and use their hands for defence, while walking on 2 feet.
  • Homo Habilis (handy man)

    Homo Habilis (handy man)
    1.5 - 2 million years ago they used rocks as a chopping tool and sharp stones for cutting bones. They were the first to make tools and live in groups. Also, they had a longer life span living in the Africa region. Homo Habilis were a mix of ape & human walked on 2 feet and were 4 ft. tall.
  • Homo Erectus (Upright man)

    Homo Erectus (Upright man)
    The Homo Erectus lived 1.8 million years ago to 200,000 BC. Bones of these Hominids were found in Java, an island in Asia. They were taller, thinner than others, and had smooth foreheads with a thicker skull. They used fire and stone hand axes. These Hominids were the first to migrate out of Africa.
  • Homo sapiens (Neanderthalensis)(wise man)

    Homo sapiens (Neanderthalensis)(wise man)
    230,000 to 30,000 years ago .They were found in the Neander valley of Germany. Stronger, stockier than modern humans. For tools they had knives , spears, scrapers. 1st to burry their dead.
  • Homo Sapien Sapiens (Doubly wise man)

    Homo Sapien Sapiens (Doubly wise man)
    The Homo Sapien lived 35,000 to 12,500 BC in the Africa region, but migrated around the globe. They had high rounded skulls, big brains, and small teeth. The Homo Sapiens attached blades onto their tools. They hunted from a far distance and did cave paintings.