Illustrated Timeline of Early Humans

By tfarmer
  • ilstratesd time line souther ape

    Lucy lived a hard life. There was no tools invented to help them lived. Because she lived to 3-4 million years ago. They were found in AFRICA and she was a mix of apes and humans. She was about 3 feet tall, her forehead stuck out and her chin stuck out too and the could carried the baby’s and items. They also used her hands defense.
  • homo habelest the handy man

    The handy man was the first human type to make tools and they were taller than the southern ape and they were more advanced and beter at hunting and survived longer.
  • up righ man

    This breed of humans are called homo erects and they were the first ones to have a straight back so that is why they are called up right man. They lived in Java Asia and Europe they are the first ones to have fire.
  • Homo sapins neanderhalis

    This breed of human is called woman. This bread of human is the first to hunt in a group. And the first to bury their dead. They were the first to make a spear and the knife. These people lived to 230 million years ago to 30 million years ago.
  • homo sapins sapins

    This is current bread of humans. These humans lived 35millon year ago to 12millon years ago. The phiscal futures are bigger brain taller. Africa and around the globe we have a lot of tools. This humans capability are language and hand writing and we do hunt in pack like are ancestors.