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By SamKeys
  • What is Film Distribution?

    Film Distribution is about getting the movie out there. A film can be marketed heavily, letting people know of it's release. A trailer is usually teh first thing to be released, generating hype over the film. A film's USP is usually the main focus. This is the thing that define's the film from any other, e.g The film 'the dark knight's' USP would be batman, as no other current film would have the character
  • Example of film distributers

    Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. (CPII) is an American film production and distribution company. Columbia Pictures now forms part of the Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group, owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, a subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Sony. It is one of the leading film companies in the world, a member of the so-called Big Six. It was one of the so-called Little Three among the eight major film studios of Hollywood's Golden Age.[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Columbia_Pi
  • Second example of film distributers

    Universal Studios (also known as Universal Pictures), is an American motion picture studio, owned by Comcast, and one of the six major movie studios. It is one of the longest-lived motion picture studios to be located outside of Hollywood.[1] It is a division of American media conglomerate NBCUniversal. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Pictures
  • Would a film distributer be interested in our film?

    I believe that they would be. if we had more time and resources to develop our ideas and refine them. Our idea for our film is quite different to many other films, yet at the same time included many of the same hooks that draw people in. It is different enough to have its own USP, yet similar enough to not be a major risk for them. I believe our USP is the unusual interaction between the main protagonist and antagonist.
  • Does the film have a wider audience than the UK?

    I think that it would be the most well recieved by a UK audience, due to the film having been filmed and set there etc, being able to relate to the story and characters better. However, as films such as 'let the right one in' and 'mesrine' have proven, other countries films appeal to a winder audience over seas. I don't think our film would alienate people from other countries, so i think it would appeal to them.
  • Marketing strategies?

    As our film is an indipendent style film, I feel that it would be best to capture the feel of the style. You could advertise through word and mouth, advertise it on blogs, youtube or get it notticed by a major star.