Ida b wells

Ida B. Wells

  • Birth

    Born in slave in Holly Springs, Mississppi
  • Mother and Father Death

    Mother and Father Death
    Wells parents died from yellow fever and had to take on responsiblity and take care of her whole family all at the age 16.
  • Wells Migrates To Memphis

    Wells Migrates To Memphis
    Idas' Aunt invites her to move to Memphis.
  • Get Off The Train Ida

    Get Off The Train Ida
    Wells purchased a first-class train ticket for a trip to Nashville, Tennessee. Her intentions was to reuturn to Nashville to get to Fisk University where she was attending school.
  • I Find The Defendent...

    I Find The Defendent...
    In the circuit court case (train inccident) she won $500 by was overturned by the Tennessee Supreme Court.
  • Period: to

    Touring Overseas

    Lectured abroad to drum up support for her cause among the reformed whites. Took her anti- lynching campaign overseas to England, Scotland, and Wales for two months giving speeches and meeting leaders
  • Period: to

    Marriage For Wells

    Ida B. Wells Married in Chicago to Newspaper Owner and Early Civil Rights Movement Leader Ferdinand L. Barnett
  • Woman's Suffrage Parade

    Woman's Suffrage Parade
    Marched in the Woman Suffrage Parade in Washington D.C. and met with President Mckinley about the lynchings in South Carolina
  • Illinois Senate

    Illinois Senate
    Wells was one of the first woman to run for the state senate. Se did not win.
  • Good-Bye Ida

    Good-Bye Ida
    Unfortunately Wells Died due kidney disease.