IB Film - JaTerrica Simpsons, Kristen Stacy, Deborah Adeyemo, Anh Ha

  • Eastman

    Develops kodak camera .
  • Edison

    Designs Kinetoscope .
  • Kinetograph

    Kintograph camera with sprocket system .
  • Edison

    " Black Maria " first film studio in New Jersey .
  • Fred Ott's Sneeze

  • Commercial Project

    First commercial projected motion pictures playing public in the world . First movie theater
  • The Kiss

  • Europe's Film Studio

  • Le Voyage Dans La Lune

  • Edwin Porter

    First American documentary .
  • Edwin Porter

    Directs " The Great Train Robbery "
  • Nickelodeon

    First Nickelodeon in Pitts Burgh
  • First Film

    Shot in Los Angeles
  • D.W. Griffith

    Joined Biograph
  • East Coast Co.

    Formed MPPC .
  • D.W. Griffith

    Made 60 films
  • IMP

    Acquires first studio in Hollywood
  • Fan Magazine

    Photoplay's first fan magazine
  • East Coast vs West Coast

    Nestor Company becomes first west coast motion picture studio.
  • East Coast vs West Coast

    15 film companies operated in Hollywood
  • Traffic In Souls

    About slavery
  • First of the Keystone Comedies

  • Charlie Chaplin

    Apprentice to Sennett
  • The Perils of Pauline Black

  • The Exploits of Elaine

  • Tillie's Punctured Romance

    First American feature-length comedy
  • Theda Bara

    Became new movie archetype
  • The Tramp

  • Birth of a Nation

  • Intolerance

  • Supreme Court

    Disbands MPPC
  • First Million Dollar Contract

  • Charlie Chaplin

    Established familiar Tramp characters with characteristic Walk in the Tramp.
  • Vitagraph

    Eventually absorbed in Warner Bros.