Ian Hacking ( February 18, 1936 )

  • Early life

    Ian hacking grew up in Vancouver and completed his first degree a BA in mathematics and physics at the university of British Columbia. He then went on to Cambridge university where he earned a BA,MA and PHD in moral sciences. Hacking has taught philosophy at many universities in north America and abroad, including Cambridge, oxford, Princeton, and Stanford.
  • LIfe of university

    He returned to live in Canada in 1982 joining the university of Toronto institute for the history and philosophy of science and technology but he continues to travel and lecture widely. The citation that accompanied his 2001 Canada council for the arts Molson prize prize states that Ian hacking is considered to be among the very top rank of philosophers in the world.
  • Interest in scientific of memory

    Ian hacking interest in our changing scientific, philosophical, and social understanding of memory is explored in Rewriting the soul: Multiple personality and the sciences of memory.
  • Accomplishment

    Ian hackings work break down the traditional boundaries between the sciences and the humanities. He relates " I have this extraordinary curiosity about all subjects of the natural and human world and the interaction between the physical sciences and the social sciences. His 1999 book the social construction of what ? examines the topic of social construction and provides a balanced overview of the debates, sometimes called "the science wars," between scientists and constructionists. h