I am Number Two

Timeline created by jcalzante
  • His Brith

    His Brith
    John Adams was born.
  • His Early Career

    His Early Career
    He was a teacher.
  • John Adams gratuated from Harvard

    John Adams gratuated from Harvard
    This is the the day that John Adams gratuated Harvard
  • John Adams marrige day.

    John Adams marrige day.
    He got married to Abigail Smith.
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    He was at a political party when the Boston Massacre had happened. He had heard everything sound indicating a fire and he rushed home to make sure his 2 children were okay.
  • He got into the Continental Congress

    He got into the Continental Congress
    He joined the Continental Congress
  • John Adams sent a letter to his wife.

    John Adams sent a letter to his wife.
    "The most memorable Epoch in the History of America has begun."
  • Minister to the Netherlands

    Minister to the Netherlands
    He was a Minister to the Netherlands
  • American Revolution

    American Revolution
    The war between Britain and America
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    Made Britain recognize that America is free.
  • Signing of the Constition

    Signing of the Constition
    He signed the Constitution
  • First President

    First President
    George Washington was named President by the new electoral college.
  • John Adams became Vice President

    John Adams became Vice President
    This was the day that he became the Vice President.
  • D.C. became capital

    D.C. became capital
    When D.C became capital
  • Alien Act

    Alien Act
    If someone from out of the country said something about the government they could be deported or jailed.
  • XYZ Affair

    XYZ Affair
    When John Adams sent people from America to talk to France about them taking our ships. France sent three people to bribe them to stop. They did't give their names so they were called X, Y and Z.
  • John Adams retired from public life.

    John Adams retired from public life.
    He retired the remaining 25 years of his life for reading about religion and science.
  • Abagail Smith dies

    Abagail Smith dies
    When John Adams wife dies
  • John Adams Death

    John Adams Death
    He died on the 50th Declaration of Independence Day.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    The stock market crashed
  • Holocaust

    Hitler enslaved the Jews and America fought against the Nazis
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks
    She refused to go to the back of the bus and was arrested.
  • Martin Luther King Jr.

    Martin Luther King Jr.
    His "I had a dream" speech.
  • First Black President

    First Black President
    Obama became president on this day.