Hyacinthe Jouty

  • Born

    Born in LaTrinite, in Savoie, France.
  • The Statue of Liberty is Dedicated in New York Harbor

  • Arrival to New Orleans

    He arrived in New Orleans at the age of 18, to assist his uncle Francois Jouty, farm in LaPlace, Louisiana.
  • The Panic of 1893

  • Drafted into French Active Army

    He was drafted to the 13th regiment of infantry of Marines, and then sent to Madagascar. He received the "Commemorative medal of the expedition of Madagascar" on September 11, 1896.
  • Return to LaPlace

    After his 2 year service in the military, He returned to his parents in France. He remained there until a letter from Francois Jouty pleaded for him to return. He would eventually return.
  • Marriage

    He married my great grandmother, Marie Lucie Labranche.
  • Ford's Model T is First Produced

  • Naturalization Paper

    The date he renounced all allegiance and fidelity to France, receiving his naturalization paper at the United States District Court of New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Start of World War I

  • Birth of my grandfather

    His 6th and last child, Alexis Charles Jouty.
  • Stock Market Crashes, Start of Great Depression

  • Death

    Hyacinthe Jouty died in LaPlace, Louisiana on October 18, 1937. My grandfather was only 13. For his whole life, Hyacinthe did the only thing he knew how to do, farming.