Hunt a Killer

  • The Ohio Farmer pg 320

    Agricultural newspaper founded by Thomas Brown in Cleveland, Ohio. Weekly publication, farm/family life.
    Sent in Box 4. JWJ says he grew up on a farm near Darlington. Notes say Ohio is near Darlington depending on scale of map. The farm had sinkholes. He hated his father, misses his mom.
  • Paul Redfern Georgia to Brazil

    Take off date
  • Marybeth Ann "EmmaBee" James DOB

  • Lloyd McGowan DOB

    New York.

    Mother: Aoife McGowan (Phelan)
    Father: Patrick McGowan
  • EmmaBee Established Care with Dr. Jenkins

    15th birthday
  • EmmaBee Broken Wrist

    "Clothes washer accident" Notes: Set cast, reacted strongly to Abrocate (sp?) Aspirin for pain
  • EmmaBee Cast Removed

    "bone healed properly"
  • EmmaBee Depressed Mood

  • EmmaBee Shoulder Dislocation

    Date looks like it might have been altered from 9/24 to 9/26 "pain in shoulder" "fall down stairs" set, aspirin
  • John William James DOB

    Medical ID bracelet
  • EmmaBee Labor/Childbirth

    Date looks like it was changed from 11/3/56 to 6/29/56. Entry is out of order chronologically from medical record.
  • EmmaBee pregnant with JWJ

    "nausea, fatigue, late" "pregnant" She's 16 years old (almost 17)
  • EmmaBee Physical Exam

    no notes listed but I think this was an exam for after childbirth a month earlier and JWJ DOB is wrong
  • EmmaBee Dr. Jenkins Notation

    Mrs. James say Dr. Sheppard outside Columbus for a consultation about her nervous disorders. Mrs. James refused any communication with regards to that visit.
  • Period: to

    EmmaBee Benzedrine 12929 OH-111

  • EmmaBee Phenelzone 12929 OH-111

    Start No end date mentioned
  • Period: to

    EmmaBee Iproninzid 12929 OH-111

  • EmmaBee Letter to Dr. Jenkins

    Letter about being sad and asking to communicate through mail only due to her husband
  • EmmaBee Severely Depressed

    Mild neurosis, avoid liquor, plenty of sleep, take up hobby
  • EmmaBee Depression Benzedrine 500mg tablet

    Neurosis/depressed Benzedrine 500mg tablet. Medical Record
  • EmmaBee Update Medication Iproniazid 500mg

    Medication changed to Iproniazid 500mg Medical Record
  • EmmaBee Update Medication Phenelzone 500mg

    Medication changed to Phenelzone 500mg tablet daily medical record
  • Audio Clip #1

    Conversation between Not a Doctor and Lloyd McGowan, McGowan is upset and doesn't understand why he is there. Most likely July 1967.
  • Lloyd McGowan admitted to L.F. O'brien Asylum

    Periods of violent behavior, suspected neurological disease. Mom admits him. Age 25 (10 days before 26th birthday).
  • Lloyd McGowan intake evaluation

    26th birthday. Initial evaluation. White, Brown hair, Blue eyes, 6'3" 267 lbs. Patient number 11076711_952. Nervous, won't talk, confused. Abusive Dad. History of Self-harm. Family history of violence and alcohol abuse (most likely dad). See as a danger to self.
  • Robert Zykewski report

    Custodian reports that Lloyd McGowan was following him and acting nervous/scared. He turned his back on McGowan and McGowan grabs him and rips his shirt. McGowan is locked in his room. (theory... his father wears a uniform).
  • Dr. William Richter report

    Lloyd McGowan won't go to his room for bed. Shouting "Bed" several times, asked for his mom. They try to force him and he hits an orderly. Richter thinks McGowan is lashing out at male figures that remind him of his dad.
  • Altercation in Yard: McGowan

    First report: 1 inch cut on chest, bruise on chest, scratch marks on arms. Bandaged & given aspirin.

    Second report: McGowan is muttering in yard. "Pilot, never be good, blew him up, said I can't do that, dad now, blue, special" McGowan attacked a patient who told him to be quiet. Richter put him in restraints and locked him in his room. Listed as a danger to himself & others.
  • McGowan Self-harm

    Contusions on face & forehead, chest & wrists, scratches on arms, possibly hit head on wall (theory, not self-harm, someone is beating him up)
  • McGowan Mellaril Medication

    McGowan put on Mellaril, (drug for schizophrenia). Quarantined in new room 316 in full restraints. Assigned hourly checks until curfew at 2100 (9pm).
  • Audio Clip #2

    McGowan is clearly drugged (mellaril). Moving him to the east ancillary the three hundreds (316). Wants McGowan to confess that he killed a girl. Says "gone the jungle the pilot dell in the jungle...gone" "Crazy statue there that was too far...too far couldn't do it." "The ferns are red now." (Theory: McGowan starts meds ad is moved on 9/20 before autopsy report says girl is killed...but clip says she is dead already and he is being moved, McGowan is being framed.)
  • Lillian Grayson Dies

    Age 28 5'4" 110lbs, Red hair, Blue eyes, anterograde amnesia. Patient of Dr. Richter. Died at 2300 (11pm) Patient 618 K_H00001. Stabbed in neck, palm of hand x2, abdomen x 13. Blunt force trauma to head (wrench or tool)
  • Lillian Grayson Autopsy

    800-1900 (7pm) 11 hour autopsy (typically only 45-1hr). Present are G. Smith, J. Miller, W. Lowe. Vaginal bruising, effusion of blood, vulva inflamation, seminal matter present. High levels of Progestin & Estradiol in blood
  • Dr. Richter Letter to Dr. Hawkins

    Letter is about the death of Lillian Grayson. Body found in janitor's closet near McGowan's room. Blaming McGowan says his door was left unlocked and he broke free of his quarantine. Suggests the cover up the death so that the facility won't go under. Says no one will miss Lillian.
  • EmmaBee Letter to Dr. Jenkins

    Wants to be referred to Dr. Sam Shepperd
  • Listening Friends of America opens

    FB post on 5/5/17 says it is their 25th Anniversary.
  • McGowan Transfer Request

    Richter writes to Madson about a transfer to Darlington MD facility. He's happy to get rid of him. (last entry 30 years prior) Says he is set to transfer on 10/2/1997
  • Audio Clip #3

    Discuss transfer of McGowan and most of the other patients from LF OBrien Asylum to Darlington. Has been medicated and alone for about 30 years. Accused of killing Lillian Grayson but McGowan can't remember says he didn't kill anyone...he isn't his father "Rachel, Beatrice"
  • McGowan LFoA spotlight

    McGowan LFoA spotlight
    15 year Anniversary at Darlington facility. Meds reduced. Likes aeronautic paraphernalia, gardening, and the outdoors. Volunteers for special projects, helps our grounds keeper with the upkeep of our beautiful landscapes and trails. Since reducing his medication, discovered Lloyd’s is funny.
  • Madson to Heather

    Requests they reduce McGowan's meds to see what he has to say. No actual date on note
  • LFoA Winter Newsletter

    Letter from founder Felix, spotlight on Jacob Nilson by George Madson. Mr. Puzzles winter puzzle.