Humanities 7

  • lifetime of lucy

    -lived 4 million years ago -bipeds -omnivores -tool makers
  • Homo Habilis

    -lived 2 million years ago -tool makers -bipeds -omnivores -big brains
  • Homo erectus

    -lived 1.8 million years ago -biped -omnivore - big brain -tool makers -fire control
  • Neandrathals

    -lived less than 500,000 years ago -bipeds -omnivores -big brains -tool makers -fire control -sense of community -bury their dead
  • Homo sapiens sapiens

    -modern day humans -omnivores -bipeds -big brains -tool makers -fire control -grow crops - cummunication symbols -bury their dead
  • Rise of the Kingdom of Sumer

    This event happened approximately in 2900 B.C in present-day Iraq, located near the Tigris and Euphrates River. Unlike our current goverment they were kind of like a monarchy/communist civilization. Their king was like our president , but their king had total control of their entire civlization.
  • The Epic of Gilgamesh

    This epic was approximately discovered in the 7th century B.C.Gilgamesh's epic is both a myth and a true story. Gilgamesh, at first was cosidered to be a very selfish and conceited king, but later on in the epic became the hero.He accomplished many feats with his companion and best friend enkidu.For example he klled the bull of heaven, destroyed humbaba, and captured the plant of youth.
  • Abraham

    Abraham lived in approximately 1900 B.C. Abraham was the first monotheistic person. He lived in Sumer at forst , but later on left because of how they were polytiestic. He was the person who was the reason why the 12 tribes came about.
  • Hammurabi's Code

    He lived at approximately 1792-1750 B.C. He also live in acient sumer as their king. His codes consisted of some very harsh and some mildy harsh consequences for situations that he was trying to avoid or trying to stop.
  • Joseph goes to Egypt and the Isrealites followed

    This occured in approximately 1700-1280 B.C. Joseph was the son of Jacob and the grandson of Abraham.He was favored by Jacob, and so his borthers hated him for that particular reason so they decided to sell him as a slave to the Egyptians.At first he was imprisoned and later on became the dream interpreter for the king and interpreted that Egypt would be fertile for 7 years and barren for 7 years.. After the king's death he was crowned king and the isrealites joined him because they were invited
  • Moses, the Exodus from Egypt, and the Ten Commandments

    Moses was basically an orphan adopted by the pharoahs wife and was brought up to think that he was an egyptian. When he found out that he wasn't he grew into a furious rage. Then, he got a message from GOD and became the leader of the tsrealites. The Ten Commandments were given to him on mount Sinai from GOD. The Ten Commandment are a set of rules that if followed will gaurentee you a spot in heaven.
  • The time of the Judges/The time before kings

    Approximately between 13 and 11 BC. Daborah aws a judge and back then there were no kings so basically she kind of took the place of the king.
  • The Reign of David

    Approximatelt form1013-973 BC. David was the person who fought and killed the mighty large warrior Galioth
  • Elijah

    occured in approximately 875-853 BC. Elijah was famous for trying his best to stop the king and queen from worshipping ball.
  • sIege of lachIsh