How Much Land Does A Man Need?

  • Two sisiters discussing the different lifestyles.

    One of the sisters was discussing how great it was being the wife of a tradesman and being wealthy while the other was talking about how stress-free it is being a peasant. This is relevant to the time the story was written because in that time there were peasants and tradesman there were the ups and downs to both lifestyle. This conversation is important to the storyline because it provokes Pahóm to want to buy land.
  • Pahóm overhears the womens conversation and Devil overhears Pahóm

    When Pahóm overhears the sisters he realizes how much happier he would be and how much easier his life would be if he had more land. Pahóm also claims that if he had more land he wouldn't even be afraid of the Devil. The Devil overhears Pahóm and takes it as a challenge to give him a bunch of land just to end up ruining his life. This sections foreshadows that Pahóm will get land and become greedy.
  • Pahóm buying his first piece of land.

    The small landowner in the village was selling her land and Pahóm scowered up enough money to pay for 40 acres and pay for half of it up front and the other half over the course of two years. This is important to the storyline becasue this is the first piece of land that Pahóm buys and it is the starting point for the rest of the story. This reflects the time that the author was writing this short story because in that tiime when people were buying land they paid for it over time.
  • Happily Living on his first piece of land.

    Pahóm is living the dream as he owns this land but over time he starts to get annoyed because the peasants keep tresspassing and soon he realizes that they won't stop until he teaches them a lesson. This foreshadows that Pahóm will want to move soon and that this piece of land isn't enough for him anymore.
  • Teaches peasants a lesson

    After getting extremely annoyed, Pahóm decides to teach the peasants a lesson about coming onto his land but the peasant's don't take it as a threat and start annoying Pahóm even more. Soon someone starts cutting down trees and stealing logs so Pahóm sends Simpn to court because that is who he thinks is doing it. In court Simon doesn't get charged. Pahóm starts getting annoyed again.
  • Peasant from Volga

    While working one day a peasant comes and talks to Pahóm and tells him that he is from Volga and that many people have moved to Volga because of the good land that makes extraordinary crops. This is important to the storyline because it shows that Pahóm is going to move to bigger better land no matter how far away it is or how stable his life is already.
  • Going to Volga

    Pahóm makes the trip to Volga to see if the land was all that the peasant said it was, when he got there he saw that the crops and the land were both amazing and he decided to move there becasue the land was 2 shillings an acre.
  • Moving to Volga

    After coming home from Volga in the summer he started moving and selling all of his land and homestead so that he could move to Volga. After getting all of his stuff sold, Pahóm and his wfie moved to Volga in the spring.
  • Settling in

    Once Pahóm moved to Volga he joined the village COmmune and ended up getting 125 acres of land. Pahóm was elated becasuse he had so much land, but after a year Pahóm was getting irriated because there was no land for him to plant his wheat. This is a main part in the story because Pahóm is becoming greedy and just keeps wanting more and more land.
  • Renting land

    Pahóm becomes desparate and starts renting land from other people so that he can plant his wheat. He rents land for three years but then realizes that the land is too far from the village.
  • Buys his own land

    After wanting his own land for awhile, he finally buys it, 1,300 acres for 1,500 roubles. But before he can even got the land and made it offical, he sees a tradesman who gives him a better offer. The tradesman claimed to know a man, the Bashkirs, who would give him 13,000 acres for 1,000 roubles.
  • Journey to get new land

    Pahóm leaves to go to this new place to get the new land. He stops on his way to get some gifts for the chiefs because that is what the tradesman told him was necessary for him to get the land. When he got to the place, the chief made him a deal that he could get as much land as he could walk in a day. This is foreshadowing that Paho'm would take adavantage of this deal and try and get too much land.
  • The dream

    Pahóm is restless on his first night because he is so excited to get all of that land, but he falls asleep and has a dream where he sees the cheif lauging, then the tradesman, then himself, dead, with the devil. When he awakes he is afraid but wants to start walking early so he goes to find the chief.
  • Walkng for Land

    Pahóm starts his walk east in the early morning, after walking 1000 yards he dis a hole to mark his place. Pahóm kept waling and then he decided he should turn left, but then second guessed himself and walked 3 more miles straight, this is foreshadowing that Pahóm will walk too far and not make it back before sunset. Once Pahóm turns left he walks for a long time before deciding to turn left again.
  • Death

    Pahóm starts his third wall of his land area and realizes, two miles into it, that the sun is more than halfway down the horizon, so he starts running to make it back in time. As he is running he is extremely tired and thirsty and so it is difficult for him to run. As he nears the hillock he sees the chief laughing, just like in his dream and then right as he reached his starting point, Pahóm fell dead on the ground.