Earth scraper

How long would it take to make an earth-scraper

By yoyo+
  • Start of the earth-scraper

    The begining of the making of the earth-scraper
  • WStarting the design of the earth-scraper

    Starting to dr4aw what it will have, what it will look like, and where we will put the first one.
  • Period: to

    Working on the design for the earth-scraper

  • Halfway done with the design

    Almost done with the drawing of the earth-srcaper
  • Finished with the designand sending it to get approval

    Sending the design to the government to get approval to start the earth-scraper.
  • Period: to

    Waiting for approval from the government

  • Got the approval from the government to start the build

    We got a letter saying that this would be a good idea for the economy and the population.
  • Getting the money to get the materials

    Starting to get money to get the materials we need.
  • Starting to dig the hole that will have the earth-scraper in it

    Got a lot of shovels and building the vehicles to start and help to make the hole for the building.
  • Period: to

    Time for digging the hole for the earth-scraper

  • Start figuring out how and what they are going to do with the materials

  • finished digging the hole for the earth-scraper

  • starting to put the materials down in the hole to build the tip

  • halfway done filling the hole with the materials

  • finished putting the materials in the hole

  • finished making a tube to bring sunlight and fresh air down

  • finishing the decorations and the electricity problems in the earth-scraper

  • Bringing civilians into the earth-scraper for tours and for people who want a job and to live there

  • finally finished with the earth-scraper