House of the scorpions

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  • Chapters 1-4

    Chapters 1-4
    In the first few chapters we are introduced to Matt and how he was created, as the story goes we start to understand his life such as living with his caretaker Celia also he is not introduced to the outside world or people. In the next chapters we meet Maria, Emilia, and Steven. Matt want’s to play with them so he breaks the glass of the window and jumps because the door is locked he gets injured and the kids take them to his house where he is kicked out and imprisoned for being a clone.
  • Chapters 5-7

    Chapters 5-7
    In these chapters Matt meets Tom a young boy who does not like Matt so he physically and mentally harasses him and many of the works at the home miss treat Matt and Celia does not know about him being in the home she works at and Matt stops talking.
  • Chapters 8-11

    Chapters 8-11
    Matt is freed when El Patron and Celia here he has been imprisoned, Matt gets treated well because El Patron orders them but they still dislike him, he is getting proper education, getting music lessons and space to move and roam free and he does what he pleases. Matt becomes ruthless and mean one example is when he forces Maria to kiss him at El Patron's birthday party.
  • Chapters 12-14

    Chapters 12-14
    In these chapters Matt gets blamed for the death of Maria’s dog and Maria gets mad because she loved furball very dearly when Matt tries to say it was Tom but she gets even madder at the accusation. Many people treat Matt poorly for this incident and Matt is feeling very bad and unwelcome. Also he discovers peepholes and passages in the walls and roams through them and sees and hears many things such as people talking about the health of a person and Felica playing piano and drinking something t
  • Chapter 15-18

    Chapter 15-18
    In the beginning Matt is running from the idea that he was only created for transplants but comes to terms with it and understands what he was created for, El Patron's transplants and when El Patron has a heart attack he has to run away with the help of Maria so he does not get killed and used for El Patron's transplants, but gets caught.
  • Chapters 19-22

    Chapters 19-22
    Matt gets taken to the hospital and is being held there so he can be used for the transplants, it turns out Celia has be giving him arsenic and his heart can not be used for the transplant El Patron dies and Tam lin the body guard that has been teaching him and has become close friend betrays him and takes him the what he thinks is his death but Tam lin did not betray him gives him a backpack and supplies and he has to travel across the mountains to get to san luis and has to travel to Maria. He
  • Chapters 23-26

    Chapters 23-26
    In these chapters it talks about how the boys are treated at the orphanage and how bad the living condition is, the boys fly to another place where they are treated poor and only can eat plankton and starts to miss Celia and Tam lin again.
  • Chapters 27-30

    Chapters 27-30
    Matt gets in trouble with Jorge and gets beat up so harshly that he has to go to the hospital, where he is the water, air and food was all polluted. One of Matt’s problems was that he was not getting treated well by the other boys because of what they heard and the things they believed were true not knowing all the facts. Matt has to control what he says so he does not get into any more trouble
  • Chapters 31-34

    Chapters 31-34
    Starts a riot when Fidelito his friend a very skinny frail person was going to get beat up and Matt and Chacho stopped him in which made the boys rally with them but the rally dies when they are told things about Matt’s past he and Chacho get in trouble and get dumped into the boneyard and have to find a way to get out, Matt gets out but Chacho does not.
  • Chapters 35-28

    Chapters 35-28
    Matt has just gotten out of the bone yard when Fidelito and Ton-Ton a very thoughtful and quiet person save them they tell Matt and Chacho how they poisoned and locked the keepers the ones telling them to do things with the help from the boys, the boys travel and get separated at a river with the help of Guapo and Consuela a older pair of brother and sister get to the hospital were Carlos and Jorge threaten them but get taken away for drug testing as the order from Esperanza Maria’s missing moth