Hot Dawg Wellness Programming Timeline

  • Form wellness team

    form wellness team with members from all areas of the company
  • Period: to

    Wellness Timeline

  • Collect data and demographics

    obtain HRA information and interest survey data
  • Lunch and Learns

    Start with the topic of physical activity: health benefits of exercise, THR and RHR, how to measure THR and RHR, exercise that can be done at home, etc.
  • No Gain November

    nutrition/weight management programs to help employees make healthy choices, maintain weight during the holidays. Incentivize with gift cards.
  • Newsletters

    Begin newsletters on physical activity and stress management. Introduce upcoming programs of heart disease and smoking cessation.
  • Breaking the Chain

    smoking cessation program: hold weekly meetings for employees who are quitting. Offer stress management, support groups, and pharmaceutical interventions.
  • Evaluate No Gain November

    Evaluate success and distribute incentive gift cards to employees who have earned them.
  • Happy, Healthy, Hearts Month

    continue with smoking cessation and physical activity programs, send out newsletters, and start exercise programs
  • One Step at a Time

    begin walking program for employee weight loss
  • Promotion of ongoing programs

    weekly newsletters, lunch and learn sessions, exercise programs, posters, fliers, etc.
  • Introduce smoke-free building policy

    implement smoke-free building policy
  • Wellness Week Picnic

    celebrate progress so far with a healthy picnic lunch
  • Swimsuit Sexy

    fitness program to help with weight loss and boost confidence; newsletter on healthy summer eating tips and weight management
  • health fair and program evaluations

    health screenings for employees to mark their progress and program evaluations for programs thus far
  • September Stress Solutions

    stress management programs
  • Fall Fun Run

    fitness challenge for those employees who have been improving physical fitness over the past year
  • Healthy Holidays Campaign

    weight management program with gift card incentives, healthy eating habits, stress management, and newsletters with "healthy tip of the week"
  • Healthy Holidays Campaign Cont.

  • Wellness Resolutions

    Have employees commit to a new year's resolution in one or more area pertaining to our major wellness goals
  • Go Red for Women

    heart disease prevention and awareness specifically for women: education, nutrition, and exercise information
  • March Madness for Men

    programs about the effects of aggressive behavior and anger on cardiovascular health
  • A Breath of Fresh Air

    a nicotene testing smoking cessation challenge with cash incentives
  • Continuing A Breath of Fresh Air and Employee Education

    continue smoking cessation challeng and promote upcoming fitness programs
  • Strong for Summer

    introduce strength training programs for all employees
  • Strong for Summer Cont.

    continuation of strength training programs, lunch and learns on benefits of strength training, flexibility and aerobic training
  • yearly screenings/health fair/evaluations

    screenings and health fair to evaluate progress and evaluations of programs
  • Fitness Center Fundraiser

    banquet and dance for the entire community in St. Louis and tennessee to help fund an onsite fitness facility
  • Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins Halloween Healthy Luncheon

    A costume banquet fundraiser for the fitness center. Employees bring a healthy dish to pass at lunch.
  • Turkey Trot Community Fundraiser

    run/walk 5K fundraiser for employee fitness center. Employee incentives for team with most money raised.
  • Lunch and Learns

    lunch and learns covering holiday stress management and healthy eating tips, etc.
  • Evaluate fundraiser events

    evaluate fundraiser events, produce report on progress and distribute employee newsletter
  • Your Love is my Heart Disease

    Educational about stress, unhealthy relationships, and how stress affects risks for heart disease
  • Shamrock Shuffle

    5K run/walk as a fundraiser for fitness facility
  • 50 feet from building smoke free policy

  • Summer Stress Management

    educational programs for summer stress management, "tip of the week", newsletters.
  • Summer Smoking Stampout

    incentivized smoking cessation program to run throughout the summer
  • Summer Smoking Stampout Cont.

  • Implement Smoke Free Campus Policy, continue with health fair/screeenings