Horror timeline

  • Period: to

    Horror films

  • The Haunted Castle - Le Manoir du Diable

    Three minute long film was first made to amuse people rather than scare them. This is still classed as a horror film.
  • The X-Rays

    A uk film which was a short comedy, this film contained the first british examples of jump cuts.
  • The infernal Boiling point

    Silent french fantasy film with a running time of 1 minute and was writted and directed by Georges Melles who was popular for horror films in france.
  • The Sealed Roon

    11 minute silent film in the United States
  • Frankenstein

    Motion picture of the novel by Mary Shelley which had a 16 minute running time. Where a young student ambition is to create a human and bring it to life.
  • The vampire

    An early vampire film where female vamps were first introduced and there suck the blood out of foolidh men.
  • The Student of Prague

    85 minute long film is a german horror film. Remakes of this film have been in 1962, 1935 and 2004.
  • The Werewolf

    silent 18 minute ling film which was distributed by universal studios. All print are the films are lost.
  • The cabinet of Dr. Caligari

    71 minutes runnong time and was directed based on a screen play. Some people have the opinion that it is the greatest horror movie of the silent era. Was released in the United States on March 19 1921
  • Symphony of Horror

    The first genuine vampire film produced by a european filmmaker.
  • The Gorilla

    80 minute silent film were the plot evolves arounf a series of murders commited by a person dressed as a gorilla.
  • Sound In horror movies

  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    Silent english 12 minute long film which was on one reel which was the combination of a novel and a play version. First horror movie to have sound in
  • Dracula

    One of th most popular vampire films which had a budget of 355,000 dollars. produced by universal studio
  • Doctor X

    Usa Film and was the first national Warner Bros. horror and mystery film. themes such as murderm rape, cannibulism and prostittution are within the narrative.
  • Bride of Frankenstein

    US based horror movie and had running time of 79 minutes. This was a sequal to Frankenstein. This movie had a budget of $397,000
  • The Dark eyes of London

    British Horror film which became to have the first ever rating of "H" for horriffic.
  • The Door with seven Locks

    UK Black and white horror film with running time of 89 minutes.
  • Dead Men Walk

    Us horror film where a small-town physician secretly murdered his twin brother.
  • Changing preceptions

    More technology is now available to make better special effects and people's perceptions are changing so we see these films have incasions and mutations of animals and plants,
  • The thing from Another World

    Us horror film with a budgest Of just under $2millions and had scenes of renacting the cold war which gained audiences.
  • Godzilla

    95 minute long film in colour from china and this film captures the times of mutations and aliens.
  • Physco

    This was the first suspense/ horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This made $32,00,000 at Box office. Recognised as one of the best films of all time because of it bring a new level of acceptablr sexuality and violence.
  • The Haunting

    Made in the uk by american studios and was horror of denomic film in the early 1960's
  • Night of the Living Dead

    This film includes zombies which blends psychological insights with gore and this moves it away from the traditional horror movies associated with gothic horror.
  • The Exorcist

    One of the first films where the devil was represented and was portrayed as an evil charcter by stealing children
  • Dawn of the Dead

    Involves a mad scienctist which explores the fears of technology and society
  • Hallowen themes

    Films like Friday the 13th and Halloween were linked to halloween which became increasingly independent on this theme,
  • B movies

    The 80's saw alot of B movies being made which are low budget motions pictures
  • Interview with the Vamire : The Vamire Chronicles

    1994 horror drama film.which started when a girl was turned into a vampire. this film made $223,664,608 at box office. this did have a budget of $60 millions which contributed to its sucess.
  • Resident Evil

    After 2000 there had been a comeback of the genre of zombies. the game Resident Evil was made into a movie and had three sequels
  • Brotherhood of the Wolf

    This was the second highest grossing film in the united states in the last 2 decades.
  • The Others

    This goes along the theme of a psychological horror. this film won many awards. The psychological horror relies on the audiences fear and emotionality instability to create suspension and therefore more fear.
  • Scar

    This was ther first US 3D full length feature film to be completed in HD 3D and the first 3D Video on demand film released for 3D televisions
  • Paranormal Activity

    Was really well encaptured the audience and and its critics. This had an excellent reception at box office.
  • Piranha 3DD

    This was a horror comedy film desinged to make people laugh and have the horror theme aswell. This as the sequel to Piranha 3D