honors world history

  • iron cutain

    iron cutain
    wall the Soviet Union built that started on the border of East and West Germany. this is important because it divided the eastern and western part of Europe creating greater tensions between the Western powers and the Soviet Union.
  • stalin

    Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union until October 16, 1952. he was important because he spread communism throughout the area and to create friendly governments as a defense against the country Germany.
  • united nations

    united nations
    The United Nations is a worldwide organization that promotes international laws, democracy, civil and human rights, and economic and social development in countries around the world. this was important because it helped maintain world peace.
  • ho chin minh

    ho chin minh
    The Truman Doctrine was a policy that stated to limit and stop communism in the Soviet-controlled areas. this was important because assured all countries that Americans would attempt to stop any Soviet expansion in any place of the world.
  • the marshall plan

    The Marshall Plan was a program developed by the United States to help European countries rebuild their economies after World War II. this was important because the United States built up this program to prevent the spread of communism from the Soviet Union.
  • Berlin Airlift

    Berlin Airlift
    Cargo planes delivered all food, fuel, and other essential goods to the people living in West Berlin during an eleven-month period of the 'Cold War' during 1948-1949. The Soviet communist forces closed all surface access (rail, road and river) and tried to isolate the American, British and French sectors of the city in an attempt to make it impossible for the Western governments to administer their portion of the city after Germany
  • NATO

    is a military-based alliance organization. 28 states agree to provide assistance if at any time an external states attempts to attack one in the alliance. this is important because it caused opposing countries to form the same type of alliance, causing other countries to just "pick a side".
  • korean war

    korean war
    was fought between South Korea, supported by the United States, and North Korea. this was important because it signified a shift in the Cold War policy of the United States.
  • ho chi minh

    ho chi minh
    He was a Communist leader of North Vietnam until September 2, 1969. He led the Vietnamese first against the French then the government of South Vietnam who was supported by the United States. he was important because he determined to have the entire country of Vietnam under communist rule.
  • explosion of the first hydrogen bomb

    explosion of the first hydrogen bomb
    U.S. was the first country to test the hydrogen bomb. this was important because it marked a new time in nuclear warfare.
  • Nikita Khrushchev

    Nikita Khrushchev
    grandson of a sef and son of a coal minner. involved in the trade union. He relieved the harsh censorship orders and closed all prison camps. he was important because he wanted a "peaceful coexistence" with the Westerners.
  • KGB (Committee for State Security)

    KGB (Committee for State Security)
    the prime security agency for the Soviet Union until 1991. this was important because the agency assisted the Russians as a secret military police for national security and foreign knowledge.
  • warsaw pact

    warsaw pact
    was a military alliance between the Soviet Union and seven other satellite states in response to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. this was important because made a permanent the division of Europe.
  • sputnik

    was the first artificial Earth satellite submerged into space. this is important because triggered the Space Race between the Soviet Union and United States.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    In 1962, the Soviet Union sent nuclear missiles to a communist state close to the United States, Cuba. this was important because significant because this was the one point in the Cold War came close to a nuclear war.
  • Brezhnev

    He lead the Soviet Union until November 10, 1982. He enforced obedience, like leaders before him, with military and intimidation. he was important helped thaw the relationship between the United States and Soviet Union
  • Tet Offensive

    Tet Offensive
    The campaign included many surprise attacks in South Vietnam against the South Vietnamese, the United States, and other allies. this was important because North Vietnam were able to put up an intense fight which changed public opinion of them.
  • Helsinki Accords

    Helsinki Accords
    This was a diplomatic agreement between all European countries, the United States, and Canada. this was important because it reduced high tensions between the Western powers and the Soviet Union.
  • russian invasion of afghanistan

    russian invasion of afghanistan
    war that went on for nine years. this was important because it cause so much tension.
  • iranian hostage crisis

    iranian hostage crisis
    held in helsinki. this occured because it was trying to better the relationship between the communist block and west. this was important because it relieved some tension.
  • moscow olympics

    moscow olympics
    first games to be held in eastern europe. this was important because many countries boycotted it because it was in afghanistan.
  • LA olympics

    LA olympics
    in cali for the first time since 1932. this was important because most countries didnt participate
  • perestroika and glasnost

    perestroika and glasnost
    it was a program to change economic practice. this was important because the it was the cause of the cold war,
  • chernobyl

    this was a nuclear power plant in ukraine.this is considered the worst accident. this is important because it spread radiation across russia and europe.
  • tiananmen square

    tiananmen square
    originally built in 1651. this is important because its remembered for many historical events in china.
  • Berlin Wall is Erected

    Berlin Wall is Erected
    the wall was torn down because it wasnt something the germans never wanted. when the soviet union fell, east germany tore it down to make travel easier.this was important because it slipt up communism and capitolism.
  • berlin wall is tore down

    berlin wall is tore down
    the wall wore down down by people pretty much saying they can do whatever they want and showing everyone their "freedom". this is important because people can now go to both side whenever.
  • gorbachev

    he was the last president of the soviet union. he was important because he was part of the reason why the cold war ended.
  • lech walsa and the soildarity movement in poland

    lech walsa and the soildarity movement in poland
    he was the president of poland. he was important because he was in charge when poland stopped with communism.
  • yeltsin

    he wish was to change the socialist command economy into a free market. he was importsnt because during his time an economic corruption happened.
  • end of the USSR

    end of the USSR
    when the USSR ended the country turned into russia. this was important because this was the ending of the cold war.
  • putin

    was the president of russia from 2000-2008. he was important because he made political and economic reform in russia.
  • peoples republic of china

    peoples republic of china
    this is a sing-party states located in the eastern part of Asia. The country is governed by the Communist party and had an uneasy alliance with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. this is important because the Communist government stayed strong while communist power in Eastern Europe was disappearing.
  • Suez Canal/ Nasser

    Suez Canal/ Nasser
    Nasser was Egypt's president from June 23, 1956 to September 28, 1970. wanted to nationalize the Suez Canal or in other words, keep it under national control. this was important because With President Nasser nationalizing the Suez Canal, he made it impossible for the Western powers to keep control of it. Egypt's now foreign relations with the Soviet Union made the Suez Crisis a significant part of the Cold War