Honors US History (1850-Present)

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In History
  • Alexander Graham Bell invents telephone.

  • Rutherford B. Hayes is elected president.

  • Thomas Edison invents a working light bulb.

  • James Garfield is elected president.

  • Garfield is assassinated.

  • Grover Cleveland is elected president.

  • Benjamin Harrison is elected president.

  • Wounded Knee

    Massacare of Sioux Indians.
  • William McKinley is reelected.

  • Sherman Antitrust Act

    Tried (and failed) to bring an end to the Trusts and corruption between companies and the government.
  • William McKinley is elected president.

    This brings about the end of Populism because he was a Republican.
  • Hawaii is annexed.

  • Wright Brothers

    (Successful airplane flight)
  • Woodrow Wilson is elected president.

  • Period: to

    Era 6