hittlers rise to power

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    Hittlers rise to power

  • Hittler becomes part of the Nazi party

    Hittle was sent to spy on the Germans workes party by the German arm. He found that they belived in what he belived in, So after making a pashenet speech the leader of the GWP the leader ask him to join.
    we chose this part in Hittlers life because the Nazi Party helped him get in to govorment.
  • hittler in jail

    After Hittlers failed atempt at roling the government he was sentenced to five years in prison. After nine monthes the nazi party demanded the relis so he was relised. During his time in prison he devoted his time to his autobiography and his speaking. We chose this part in Hittlers life because this is where we feel Hittler made a chang for the worst. He became better at motervational speaking the worst thing that he could of done in history.
  • hittler freed from jail

    Hittler was sentenced to five years prison for high treason. He was then realesed due to political pressure from the supportes of the Nazi party. The reaason we think this is important is to reasons, the first is that it shows that the government was weak at the time and that reflects the time that Germany was in. The second reason is if Hittler didn't try to get government illegaly their may not have been world war two because in prison he worked on his speach and his biograghy.
  • hittler is leader of the Nazi party

  • hittler is chancerller

    this is the time when hittler won the election and became then largest party in government. Hittler won 280 seats voted in by GERMANY. The reason this is important is because this is the starting part of Hittler's rise to power.
  • jewish kids restricted from german schools

  • night of broken glass

    Early that evening Adolf Hitler attended a dinner party in Munich, during the course of the evening he received word of the death of Ernst Vom Rath, a German Diplomat stationed in Paris. Vom Rath was shot two days earlier by Herschel Grynszpan, a 17-year-old Polish Jew, who was angry that his parents, together with tens of thousands of Jews of Polish citizenship living in Germany (Grynszpan's parents had lived in Germany since 1911), had been expelled from Germany without notice.
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  • night of broken glass

    we think that made Hittler extremly angry and want to atak the jews that night he did. I think this is important because it shows that hittler has a bad temper and we think that was part of the cause to hate the jews