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  • When she was born

  • Fighting

    In the the late 1840's she began traveling fighting for antislavery and women's rights
  • Covention

    The first national women's rights convention was in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1850. It adopted various resolutions, including the demand for women's suffrage and equality for all before the law, including enslaved women. Sojourner Truth spoke at the convention
  • "Ain't I a Women?"

    An event of the women's rights convention in Akron, Ohio, the testimonial of the former slave Sojourner Truth s. The moment was her delivery of "Ain't I a Woman?" a five-paragraph presentation reported in the June 21, 1851, issue of the Salem, Ohio
  • Assisting

    Abraham Lincoln praised her on her work for assisting slaves.
  • When she died

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    Sojourner Truth

    Sojourner Truth was an African-American abolitionist and women's rights activist. She was born into slavery but escaped