History of Wireless

By bmorgan
  • The first peronal or porfable computer becomes available.

  • Period: to

    History of Wireless

  • The first commercial cellular system begins operating in Chicago

  • The precursor to Wi-fi is created.

  • 1st Commercial Text message was sent

    1st Commercial Text message was sent
  • The first smartphone (IBM's Simon) is released, offering features like email.

  • The digital camera is invented.

  • Camera Phones introduced to US market

  • Samsung Mobile releases first mobile phone with GPS in U.S.

  • 1st Bluetooth headset was released

  • 1st Apps store opened

  • "The brick" weighed 2 pounds, offered just a half-hour of talk time for every recharging and sold for $3995

  • There are over 5 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide.