History of the Photograph

  • Niepce Was Born

    Niepce Was Born
    source Joseph Nicephore Niepce was born in Chalon-sur-Saone, France on March 7, 1765 on his family estate, Le Gras. He was the inventor of the photograph.
  • First Camera- The Camera Obscura

    First Camera- The Camera Obscura
    source The camera obscura had really started to mature into a much better camera. Now, the obscura was a portable, light-tight box. The camera is definitely the start to how we got the first photograph.
  • Lithography

    sourcesource Lithography is the ink impressions and writing on special rock to produce a picture. This new idea swept through France around 1813 and started many new innovative plans, which led to the first photograph.
  • Experimenting Began

    Experimenting Began
    Niepce started experimenting around this time thanks to the inspiration of lithography that aroused a few years ago. He used paper sanitized with silver chloride to capture the view from his camera obscura, but soon after he took it, the picture faded away. Although it took him years to figure out, this is what leaded him to finally creating the first photograph.
  • Another Step Foward

    Another Step Foward
    source Niepce gained some success in copying engravements, which he experimented with in the next 2 years, before he finally invented the photograph!
  • First Photograph INVENTED!

    First Photograph INVENTED!
    In his upstairs room at his childhood home, Le Gras, Niepce set up his camera obscura, and uncapped the lense which had been exposed to many hours of sunlight that day. He took the latent image from the view of the window and washed it off with oil & petroleum. There, was the first photogrpah ever produced.
  • First Photograph Brought over to England

    First Photograph Brought over to England
    sourceThe first photograph, which he calls "heilography", was brought over to England and left the artiact with a French Botanical artist, by the name of Francis Bauer. Niepce also formed a partnership with another frenchman, Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre.
  • Niepce, The Inventor, Died

    Niepce, The Inventor, Died
    source After setting up the plan to work with fellow frenchman, Daguerre, sadly, he died before he got the chance. Joseph Nicephore Niepce, the inventor of the first photograph, had died of a stroke on July 5th, 1833. He died without recognition, but Daguerre, the frenchman he had the partnership with, made sure that photography continued to advance because of what Niepce first accomplished.
  • Continous....Photograph Advancement

    Continous....Photograph Advancement
    source' After Joseph Nicephore Niepce died, his fellow frenchman, Daguerre, began experimenting with photos as well- only a dozen years later though. He was able to find a way to keep the picture from fading away afterwards, and reduce the size of sun exposure to only 30 minutes. Photography continued to advance over the years, and it eventually got to where we are today.