History of the phone

  • Bell Telephone

    Alexander Bell made the first telephone call on March 10th. The first words that was carried over a wire by Alexander Bell were “ Mr. Watson, come here, I want you”
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  • Commercial Telephone

    The first commercial telephone calls were made in the UK. It happened when the General Post Office controlled the telephone network.
  • Mobile Phone

    The mobile phone was invented and now messages can be transported when moving.
  • Overseas calling

    Cellnet and Vodafone were given liscences to provide cellular radio networks in the UK.
  • Phones on the market

    Phones were now being sold and for around 164 pounds and about the equivalent of 262 pounts today.
  • SMS - Short Message service

    The SMS was launched enabling short text messages to be sent to one mobile to the other.
  • Calling through mobiles

    Calling was used instead of texting through mobile phones and are both methods are still ued today.
  • Same Number

    At this time you could keep the same number when switching networks or different phones. The UK was the first in the world to use this method.
  • E-mailing and The Web

    Phones could now use the web and also send e-mails through the mobile phone instead of a computer.
  • Phones TODAY

    We now have and use phones that can take pictures, videos, send video messages. People use phones a lot today and thats good and bad.