History Of The Camera

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    Release date Of The Camera

    Here you can see how the camera change over time
  • First Ever Camera

    First Ever Camera
    First Ever Camera, invented to lett you to take photo pictures capturing your memorios. That time we didn't have any colour in the filter so it was black and white.
  • Brownie Box Camera

    Brownie Box Camera
    Easier to take around places and to take pictures.
  • Leica The Camera

    Leica The Camera
    Way smaller than brownie box camera. Also allowing us to put it in our bags bring it to the other country, having more function and the lence are bigger.
  • Argus The Camera

    Argus The Camera
    Bigger having a little peep hole so we can see what we are taking. Lence so we can focus directly. Again adding more and more features.
  • Contax The Camera

    Contax The Camera
    Lence more bigger and looking better adding a small light bulb so we can take picutures in the night time.
  • Asahiflex IIb

    Asahiflex IIb
    2 films can put inside so we don't need to change it that often and take more pictures. Changing the peep hole on to the top and on the side. It change from taking photo 1/25th of a second to 1/2 of a second
  • Nikon F

    Nikon F
    Now geting more shutter speed too, lence is more wider taking more of the view. It was one of the most advanced cameras of its day. Buttons having different features.
  • Polaroid Model J66

    Polaroid Model J66
    Changes have no peep hole in the Polaroid Model J66 and less functions, the only things that have change is the lence where the lence can pop out to zoom on something closer and when it pop back it goes futher away from something.
  • Sony Mavica

    Sony Mavica
    Sony Mavica the Magnetic Video Camera electronic still camera, the first commercial electronic still camera. It was not a digital camera. Having a huge flashlight ontop of it so we can take pictures in the night time and change the light of brightness.
  • Canon RC-701

    Canon RC-701
    Can change the lences, flashlight infront. Different buttons changing the focus.
  • Nikon D1

    Nikon D1
    It featured a 2.7 megapixel image sensor, 4.5 frames per second continuous shooting, and accepted the full range of Nikon F-mount lenses. Now the flashlight can pop up everytime you press the button when you are about to take a picutres. Now we even have coloured pictures instead of black and white.
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    Timeline of the Camera