History of Telecommunication - Before & After Alexander Graham Bell

  • Morse Code

    (The date is a guess?) Morse code, invented by Samuel Morse, is a means of telecommunication by sending signals with either light or sound.
  • U.S. Pony Express

    Letters and telegrams can be sent over long distances by horseback riders. The distance covered from the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains, to Sacramento, CA.
  • Alexander Graham Bell - The Telephone Is Born

    The telephone is born! Bringing in a new means of telecommunication forever changed.
  • First Handheld Mobile Cellular Device

    The first cell phone/mobile cellular device is created, being big and bulky in size. Has 30 minutes of talk time with 10 hours to charge.
  • First Text Message Sent (in Europe)

    The first text message is sent, reading "Merry Christmas". Without knowing the significance initially, the idea of texting on a cell phone evolves...
  • First iPhone is released

    The iPhone is a smartphone, which has the capabilities similar to having a mini-computer system on a phone. This brings inspiration to many innovations of smartphones similar to the iPhone, such as the Android. The smartphone has many features to it, making it almost as usable as a standalone computer (applications, programs, texting, multimedia, taking pictures).