history of technology

By ihitee
  • ENAC invention

    ENAC invention
    get all info hereit cost $500,000 and was used in the military during WWII.
    it was also the size of a room if not bigger
  • first hard drive

    first hard drive
    infothe first hard drive had max storage of 5MB
  • SAGE invention

    SAGE invention
    more infoit linked hundreds of radar stations together. making it the first large scale computer network
  • the mouse

    the mouse
    [info](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mouse_(computing))the mouse makes it much easier for us to interact with the computer. with out the mouse we would have a much haerder time interacting with the computer
  • CDC's super computer

    CDC's super computer
    more infoit could deal with 3 million instructions per second. making it over three tie faster then its nearest competitor
  • floppy disk

    floppy disk
    infothe floppy disk make it possible for a portible, permanet stoage.
    this gave people the ability to share infommation with each other.
  • The Magnavox Odyssey

    The Magnavox Odyssey
    info it was the first way to play games not on a computer. t was very pricey you its time, so not many people had one.
  • the alto

    the alto
    more infoit was the first work station with a built in mouse. hre alto could store many files simultaneously
  • first laptop

    first laptop
    info the first laptop had most the compatibilitys as a normal pc
  • the modem

    the modem
    infothis was connected to the phone cable and this was the link to the internet. this allowed people to share info from two places
  • GUI

    infothis is probably the computer invention ever i made it so that every one can see and understand the computer. with out this invention the screne you are looking at would be a series of numbers.
  • Macintosh

    more infoit was the first mouse drivin computer with a graphical inter face.
    it featured many of the things the Lisa could do but cheaper
  • the internet

    the internet
    infothe internet is an awsome invention because with out it you cold not veiw this right now. the intornet allows us to veiw website and, yes, it gives is facebook, twitter, and other social media sites.

    infothis is one of the best search engine. a search ingine is something you use to search for something on the internet
  • hotmail

    infothis wa an way of sending infomation over the internet. it was used mostly to talk to other people
  • my birth day

    my birth day
    this is the day i was born. this is also the day i get thing from family.