History Of Technology

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    History Of Technology

  • Hard Drive

    Hard Drive
    The Hard Drive is a storage device that can store up huge amounts of data.
  • Space Shuttle

    Space Shuttle
    The Space Shuttle is a manned prbital and spacecraft system operated by NASA.
  • Computer Mouse

    Computer Mouse
    The Computer Mouse is the controller of the screen cursor.
  • Laptop

    Laptop aka. Notebook is a personal computer device designed for mobile use.
  • Mobile Phone

    Mobile Phone
    The Mobile phone is a communication device via satellite. It allows you to call someone in other places of the world.
  • Washing Machine

    Washing Machine
    A Machine designed to wash laundry, such as clothing, towels and sheets
  • Segway Human Transporter

    Segway Human Transporter
    A two wheeled human transporter for transportation.
  • Nitendo Wii

    Nitendo Wii
    A home game console consisting wireless game controllers.
  • iPhone

    The iPhone is a smart phone that allows you to use basic phone functions, but also has other special functions like FaceTime.
  • Amazon Kindle

    Amazon Kindle
    Kindle is an eBook reader designed by Amazon.com. It enables user to shop, browse and download eBooks.