History of Short Films

By ekbakez
  • Short Film Festivals

    Short Film Festivals
    Short film festivals are crutial for new or well known directors for their work to be noticed. They show a presentation of films in a usually a complex of cinemas for large audiences, normally in the same placeShort film festivals are held all over the world in locations such as London and LA. Raindance is a well known festival nationally for film and has offices in cities globally. The first major film festival was in Venice 6-21 August 1932 and still take place today.
  • Ridley Scott

    Ridley Scott
    Ridley Scott (Nov 1937-present) is an English film director and producer. His film career which has spanned many years, from 1977 to present. His talent has been appreciated and recognised with some of his achievements including being knighted in 2003 and also having a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Success runs through his family as his older brother is the film director Tony Scott. Ridley Scott's well known short films include Boy and Bicycle (2007) and Parallel Lines (2010).
  • Christopher Nolan/Tim Burton

    Christopher Nolan/Tim Burton
    Christopher Nolan (30/07/1970) Has directed big Hollywood thrillers such as Memento & Inception. He has produced some well known short films but no recent short films have been as successful. Tim Burton is well known for his quirky films like Sweeny Todd & Alice and Wonderland. He creates surreal animations such as The Corpse Bride and The NIghtmare Before Christmas. Nolan & Burton have both made Batman. I think Burton's version is more fun but Nolan’s is more gripping and powerful.
  • Ashvin Kumar

    Ashvin Kumar
    Ashvin Kumar is an independant Indian filmmaker who is a producer and director of films and documentaries. A lot of his work is deemed as contraversial and some of his films are censored by the government, so cannot be watched in local cinemas. Some of his films include Road to Ladakh, The Forest and Little Terrorist. The short film little terrorist is based upon real life and the contraversial element fuels the story. It is 15 mins and the first short film to get a commercial release in India.
  • Youtube

    Youtube was set up in 2005. A site where members can upload, share and view videos. There is a mulittude of video types that can be viewed, such TV clips, music videos, video blogging and short original videos. All video clips used to have a maximum upload length of 10 minutes which has now been mae longer to 15-20 minutes. For short film directors, Youtube was an amazing tool to use to publicise their films. Now even phones can stream Youtube films, making them accessible to the whole world.