History of Mass Media

  • 100 BCE

    Paper is invented In China

  • 1455

    Gutenberg invents the printing press

    Literacy spreads through Europe
  • Photography is invented

  • Invention of the Telegraph

    The telegraph, a device allowing long range communication, was invented
  • Samuel Morse invents Morse Code

    Communication breaks the distance barrier
  • Practical use of the telegraph begins

    This revolutionized mass communication and is regarded as one of mass communication’s most important inventions
  • The Dead of Antietam

    First Time people witness actual death and suffering
  • Completion of the Atlantic Cable

  • Bell invents the telephone

    Conversations break the distance barrier
  • Invention of the phonograph

  • First U.S> commercial radio station went on the Air

  • Golden age of film

    Hollywood Turns actors into national and international celebrities
  • Television “enters” the home

    Commercials invade
  • Apple sells first computers

  • The Internet

  • Windows 95

  • Web 2.0

  • User generated content grows