history of major motion picture

  • WLK dickson created the film camera

    thomas edisons assistant devotes his time to working on the camera
  • kintograph is unveiled

    thomas edison shows the world the kintograph the earliest camera and gets a patent but forgets to apply for an overseas patent.
  • first standard fil guage

    edisons 11/2 film starts the first the basics for todays fillm guage
  • first film studio

    the first film studio is created in thomas edisons lab.
  • censorship is created

    thomas edison isnt allow to show a woman dancing in her under garmets.
  • the lithium loop is created

    a man creates a carma that no longer limist movies to a few min
  • edisons patent violating law suit

    Edison files a patent-violating law suit against Biograph Company.
  • audiances are bored with films

    all the news and over used dramatic sceans bore audiences
  • edison wins law suit

    edison wins the patent violating law suit agenst thea American Mutoscope and Biograph Company
  • the first movie thetre in us opens

    In Los Angeles Thomas L. Tally's theter opens as the first theter in the us
  • film dosnt have to be coppy writed frame by frame

    film can now be comly coppywrited by one coppywrite submition
  • chicago is center of movies

    shows nare now changed three to six times a week
  • 418000 for sales in projectors

    thomas edison earn 418000 in sales for his projector dobbled %130 today
  • DW griffen is a film director

    between a span of 5 years be directs 450 movies
  • the vistograph company of america opens its first studio in california

  • The Famous Players Film Company hires Mary Pickford

    she gets payed 2000 every week
  • charlie chaplin signs a contract that last a year

    he gets payed 10,000 a week and a bonus for signing of 150000
  • pathe company splits into two companys in france

  • DW griffen, charlie chapling and marrypickford join togeter

    hey feel distributer are talking most of what they deserve
  • charels jenkins created ratiovision

    charels jenkings claimed to be the first to know about radio vision
  • ernest lubish goes to hollywood to persue his cereer as a directer

    his first pilm stars mary pickiford in rosetta
  • columbia pictures is created

    by harry cohn joe brandt and jack cohn
  • Mihaly Kertesz works at warner bros

    he comes from hungery to work at warner bros
    is known to be Michael Curtiz
  • first musical film

    created by warner bros
  • britian creats the quota act

    %7.5 of films made must be made in england
  • moden sound studio

    ufas in germany created the closed to modern sound studio
  • the depression makes to movie buisness pulmit

    fils lower prices and add extra fetures to keep people coming to films
  • rokos thertars stop playing paramont

  • harry cahn is paramount pictures newest president

    joe sells his interest in the company to the cahn brothers
  • box offeces start to make a come back

  • first internation film festival

    in cennes, france
  • 17500 movie thetures in th united states

    there is a movie therure for every 8000 people in the united states
  • no cencorship

    ten days after pearl harber a new seniter for the us intertainment is appointed
  • thetars are now run by wemin

    many of the males in the cuntry are being drafted into the army. this year more than %50 of theatures are run by girls
  • acadoamy of motion picture changes its ruls for motion pictures.

    only the acadomys winners can vote for the acadomy awards
  • moves are becoming origionals

    to save money studios are making origional movies rater than spending mony on overpriced novels ect.
  • policy of black listing is started

  • acadamy awards is brodcasted for the first time on telivision

  • warner bros is being soled to investors

    the oly brother keeping hes stock is jack warner
  • clark gable died

    king of hollywood
  • plasma moniter

    created by donald bitzer
  • tv on the web was created