History of Labour Unions in Canada

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  • First job walk off

    Publisher's walked out their jobs for shorter work hours.
  • Rally at Queen's Park

    Many publisher's gathered at Queen's Park (legislative assembly of Ontario) to rally for shorter work hours as well.
  • Trade Union Act

    After George Brown had all members arrested because union activity was illegal, John A Macdonald legalized unions.
  • The start of the Canadian Labour Union

    46 local unions founded CLU in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Canadian Labour Union ended

    Grew to hundreds of unions but through the panic of the 1873 the number of unions decreased.
  • Winnipeg General Strike

    Workers walked off the job, making this the biggest labour action in Canada.
  • "Bloody Saturday"

    Royal North-West Mounted policed hired "union busters" firing into the crowd of the Winnipeg strike, killing 2, injuring many.
  • Unemployment Insurance Act

    Unemployed men that worked in government work camps went on strike, once the strike ended they gained this law.
  • Canadian Labour Congress

    Groups of unions came together to become a stronger unified voice.
  • Bargaining Right

    Canadian union of Postal Workers wanted the right to bargain, strike, have higher wages, and better management. Which they then obtained this right.
  • Canadian Labour Code

    This code is to control strikes and lockouts.
  • Criminal Law Amendment Act

    Changed the criminal laws and decriminalized certain laws like homosexuality and abortion.
  • Maternity and Parental Benefits

    Extending the number of days and giving the right to mothers and fathers to leave work after the birth of a child while being paid.
  • Period: to

    Panic of 1873

    Affected the success of the Canadian Labour Union