History of Film Timeline II

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  • The first film

    The first film
    First film made was called Roundboy Garden. It was made by french inventor Louis Prince. It lasted 2.11 seconds
  • First Movie Theater

    First Movie Theater
    Harry Dais and John Harris opened their first movie theater. It was called a "nickleodeon" because you pay a nickel to get in, and the Greek word for theater "odeon". The first opening feature was the great train robbery.
  • Paramount Pictures

    Paramount Pictures
    Paramount Pictures, an American Film Studio based in Hollywood, California, was founded in 1914. It released the films of Jesse Lasky & Adolph Zukor's Famous layers film company. It became one of the first successful nation-wide film distributor.

    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS) was founded in 1927. Consisting of 36 members - actors, directors, writers, technicians, & producers. The first president of AMPAS was Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. & its first awards ceremony was held in 1929, honoring films from the past 2 years.
  • First Micky Mouse film

    First Micky Mouse film
    In 1935 the first Mickey Mouse film in color was released. Presented by Walt disney Studios, Mickey Mouse had his first Makeover. It was titled, The Band Concert.
  • First African American to receive an Oscar

    First African American to receive an Oscar
    Actress & Radio Preformer Hattie McDaniel became the first black woman to win an oscar. The award was for her supporting role in Gone with the Wind as "mammy". The film was a love story.
  • Charlie Chaplin last film

    Charlie Chaplin last film
    Charlie Chaplin, an English comic actor, filmaker, & composer who did silent films. 1952 was the last year that he produced a U.S. film, Limelight. After traveling to Europe & his application for re- entry was revoked , he moved to Switzerland. Him & his wife stayed there until his death.
  • First Toilet Flush

    First Toilet Flush
    This first film with a toilet flush was shown in 1960. Most viewed it as offensive imagery. It was shown in the movie Psycho
  • Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins
    Mary Poppins, a live action and animation . 5 Oscar statues were won & it received 13 academy award nominations. Also best actress for Julie Andrews. She was the first disney star to win an oscar
  • Japans first VHS

    Japans first VHS
    The first theatrical film released to the public on VHS was the south Korean drama "the young teacher". It was released in Japan only. The u.s. didnt start VHS until the next year.
  • First Cell Phone Film

    First Cell Phone Film
    In the movie Lethal weapon an actor can be seen pulling out a 2 pound cell phone and using it. That was never done before on film. Danny Glover was the one using it.
  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast
    Disneys beauty and the beast was the first fully animated feature film nominated for Best Picture. Mary Poppins was only partially animated.
  • John Singleton

    John Singleton
    USC Film graaduate John Singleton recieved an Oscar for best director for his debut film. Boyz In the Hood. It was a coming of age drama in 1991. A lot of other directors disagreed with the movie
  • Whitney Houston First Role.

    Whitney Houston First Role.
    The film the body guard was starring singer Whitney Houston was released. The soundtrack with her song I will always love you. the song sold 17 million copies.
  • Warner Bros first network

    Warner Bros first network
    Warner Bros created the WB network . The network was created for its tv properties. Some of the early shows were Buffy the Vampire slayer, 7h haven and dawsons creek. None of the shows were produced by WB strangely enough.
  • Netflix is created

    Netflix is created
    In 1999 Netflix creates its monthly subscription concept . In the same year, Netflix also raised 30 million in venture capital. The product was launched in September.
  • First actress under 21 to be nominated

    First actress under 21 to be nominated
    Ellen Page was the first actress under 21 to be nominated for best actress in 2007. The nomination was for her role in Juno. There were only 3 more females outside of the U.S who received the same nominations
  • Social Network

    Social Network
    The social network about Mark Zuckerburg and his creation of facebook was created. The movie had somewhat of a negative portrayal of him.
  • First woman to get Best director

    First woman to get Best director
    Kathryn Bigelow is an american director/producer who made the Hurt Locker. She was the first woman to receive an award for best director at the 2010 Oscars.
  • First R rated CGI film

    First R rated CGI film
    Sausage party, directed by Conrad Vernon was the first R rated CGI film. Sausage party is an adult computer animated comedy. Now is show on netfix.